Letter Writing Template

A letter writing template will help you a lot with correspondence if you have not got the faintest idea on how to start a letter, how to proceed with it, and how to end it. Even though letters are claimed to be the oldest means of communication, many people face troubles when they are faced with letter writing either for business or everyday correspondence. Nowadays, letters have become a less widespread means of communication and exchanging information as people mainly prefer to communicate via the Internet (chat, email, etc.). Nonetheless, even with the fast-growing pace of technological advancements, letter writing is still present is certain surroundings, especially business settings, such as companies, firms, and enterprises.

One needs to be aware of the types of letter writing or different letter purposes when one needs to provide a cover letter with the resume, to write a letter of application or to send a thank you letter. If you would like to learn more information about letter writing and to feel more confident when writing letters, then this article is definitely worth reading. Upon reading the information presented in this blog, you will learn what a letter is, what types of letters there are, what purposes different letters have, and how to write an effective letter among other pieces of advice.

Business Letter Writing

There exists no specific standard format of business letter writing since the organization, structure, format, and purpose depends on the type of business and the country the business operates in. Therefore, to know about specific standards of business letter writing, you need to investigate this information on your own. You will be definitely able to find guidelines that cover instructions and requirements of business writing in a specific country. As such, if you are not sure how to organize the letter, how to format it, etc., feel free to use guides and manuals found online.

One of the best tips if you are worrying about the structure and organization of the letter is to find a business letter sent to you via email and pay attention to how the sender wrote it (the organization, phrases, length of paragraphs, ending, vocabulary choice, etc.). Overall, when you receive business letters from CEOs, managers, and other people occupying leading positions, these letters could be used as a great letter writing template as it will definitely be credible and trustworthy.

General points to consider when you are working on a business letter

Job Application Letter Writing

Letter writing for job application is a serious assignment since it provides an impression of you as a job applicant on your potential employer. As such, it is essential to be well versed in job application letter writing as this assignment type influences your success in getting a job. Normally, you have some recommendations or requirements for application letter writing, so you need to make sure you follow them carefully without overlooking any important part.

When writing a job application, refer to any other enclosure such as an application form or a resume. Besides, use titles Mr./ Mrs. Instead of just first name.

Business Thank You Letter Writing

Thank you letters are popular in business communication. One is often expected to write a thank you letter as a reply to some recommendation, favor or advice. Still, the format of a businessthank you letter will definitely differ from writing personal thank you letters. Business thank you letter is also written after you have been asked for a job interview. Overall, when writing thank you letters, it is important to indicate the name of the recipient, the definite thing you are grateful for (the reason why you write this thank you letter), mention specifically how you were assisted, and express your gratitude for the assistance, help, guidance or recommendation for what others have done.

Letter of Complaint

Knowing how to write and organize the letter of complaint is important especially if you are dealing with purchasing products and services. As such, if you are dissatisfied with the quality of a product or service, you can write a letter of complaint and inform the producers why you are dissatisfied with the product. Knowing how to write an effective letter of complaint will help you to be polite but persuasive in your claims and know how to communicate your message across if you want to tell that you are not satisfied with something.

As such, when writing a letter of complaint, make sure you specify exactly who you are writing to and what the problem is that you are complaining about. Make sure to pinpoint how you relate to the recipient (for example, that you are one of the customers who bought a specific product a week ago and found out that the product has some defects, etc.). If you remember, specify exactly when and where you bought the product/ service. Make sure you specify what you expect from the company (what you would like to be done about the product/ service you are dissatisfied with). Make sure to write in an assertive and confident tone while at the same time avoiding sounding rude.

Free Letter of Complaint Sample to Read

Personal Letter Writing

Many people are not used to writing personal letters any more since it has become much easier to send an email or chat in some messenger with a friend. However, a handwritten letter may definitely brighten one’s day, so it is one of the best reasons to learn to write it properly. Apart from an ordinary personal letter telling about some news from your life, personal experience, emotions, thoughts or feelings, there are specific personal letters the information about which will be provided below. To master all of them, it is recommended to find a letter writing template from a credible letter writing service.

  1. Letter of condolence

In this letter, one expresses sympathy to a person who has been in grief over a dead person (a friend, relative, etc.). It can be hard to find the necessary words but having mastered this letter type, it can become really helpful to express your sympathy to a friend, colleague or a relative.
Some of the essential tips are:

  • Not to highlight the fact of someone’s death throughout the whole letter;
  • To be sympathetic;
  • To mention some positive recollection or memory of the deceased or the role he/ she played in your life;
  • Share your own thoughts, emotions or feelings concerning the deceased person.

Unlike the other letters, this letter should be preferably written in handwriting.

  1. Personal thank you letter

A personal thank you letter is great to write and send to a person who has provided a gift for you or done some favor. It is a manifestation of being polite and expressing your gratitude for what has been done for you. A personal thank you letter can be sent as an email or as a handwritten one. If you want to send a thank you letter to a group of people, it is still better to send a separate thank you note for each person.

Apart from general favors, thank you letters are usually written in response to wedding presents. Apart from merely expressing gratitude for the present itself, it is recommended to emphasize on the importance of that particular person as a guest at your wedding. You need to pinpoint to what important role the person played when he/ she came to the wedding.

Apart from cases with wedding presents, a thank you letter or a thank you note can be also sent when you want to thank a person for a Christmas present, an Easter present, a New Year present or a birthday present. Moreover, you can express politeness and gratitude if you have been staying at one’s house as a guest and have now returned home. As such, it is a great idea to write a thank you note and express gratitude to that person for being so hospitable.

Similarly, a thank you note may be relevant when you want to express gratitude to a person who has treated you to some trip, vacation, meal, visit to the cinema or theater, etc. As an option, you can also write a thank you letter to someone who has financially helped you with some big purchase, with paying tuition fees, etc.

When it comes to structure, the thank you letter should not be long. It should be brief and written to the point. A few lines would be perfectly OK.

If you are not sure whether you can cope with proper thank you letter writing, you can use our letter writing guide or seek professional custom writing help. Moreover, you can also browse the net and find some premium-quality letter writing template that you could use as a sample for business letter or personal letter writing. Normally, when you use templates from professional and reliable websites, there is a huge probability that you will find a top-notch quality letter that will be impeccable in content and flawless in terms of grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Can I Pay a Professional Writer to Write My Letter?

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