How to Write an Effective Choice Essay

Over the course of an academic term or year and at every academic level, students are usually asked to complete a variety of assignments. It is also usually the case that there are certain genres of writing that students like and do not like. Some students, for example, prefer writing in a persuasive style while others are more comfortable with descriptive or expository writing, and so on. There are many different types of essays and tutors often introduce students to new types as a way of improving their thinking and writing skills. Even in the early stages of education, young children are given short pieces of writing, often just a few sentences, on popular topics. Texts like these are referred to as essays. Youngsters at this age are not familiar with the different types of essays.   

When they reach high school, college or university level, it is also common for students to be asked to write choice essays. Because they are not familiar with this type of essay, some students can start feeling stressed when it is mentioned. However, it is not especially difficult to write a choice essay. Indeed, any student who has had some experience of writing any genre of essay early in their education should not have any problems with this type of writing. If you are given a choice essay to write, then the following steps should help you with the task. 

Try to Find a Sample Essay or Two

If it is the first time you have been asked to write a choice essay, it is essential you understand the purpose and format of this genre of writing. A good way of getting started is to see if you can find a few sample or example essays on the Internet. Additionally, you may find examples of choice essays in one of your school textbooks, especially those that deal with grammar. After examining a couple of well-written examples, it is likely you will have started to get a fairly clear idea of the style and main features of this type of essay.     

Select a Topic that is Suitable

When you have had chance to look at some examples and have gained more confidence, you are ready to select a topic. Try to choose a subject that you are interested in or are passionate about. If your chosen topic is too general, wide-ranging, or is something you are not very interested in, this may become obvious in your essay. Furthermore, boring topics are likely to turn readers away.  

Create an Outline for Your Essay

Before you actually begin writing, it is vital to draft an essay outline. This is a great way of setting out the ideas or points you will cover in your essay and it will give you an idea about how and where to place these. When your essay’s outline is complete, approximately half your work is done. All that is left to do is:

  • Write your essay’s introduction paragraph
  • Write some body paragraphs, which will make up the main portion of your choice essay
  • Write your essay’s conclusion paragraph
  • Proofread or read back over what you have just written and make any necessary corrections.