How to Write a Unique Essay Online

There just does not seem to be any in-between. Unfortunately for those who hate to write, essays are a part of student life from high school on, and they are usually assigned in many courses beyond English.

The process to write good essay assignments is relatively straightforward, and most students are taught this process in early high school. It bears repeating, however, because many simply do not utilize it – it is simply easier to just “dig in” to the assignment without any organizational framework, and this will usually result in improper flow of thought.

Essay Writing – Students Either Love It or They Hate It

  1. Choose a Topic: Sometimes, the topic is assigned, but, if not, you will need to select a relevant one that is an appropriate scope for a 5-paragraph essay. The difference between Democrats and Republicans, for example, is far too broad a topic. The difference between the Democrats and Republicans on abortion or gun control, however, is a sufficiently narrow topic for an essay.
  2. Brainstorm ideas. Some students like to use lists; others might use a Venn diagram. Once ideas are on paper, it is time to combine those that are closely related and to eliminate those that seem off-topic or too minor. Once this is complete, these sub-topics should be organized from most important down and should include at least three sub-topics, for 3 body paragraphs.
  3. Essay papers that result in good grades may require a small amount of research, if only to gather some factual data to support what one states. In other instances, they will only require descriptions or narratives. The purpose of the essay will determine this. Generally, however, high school and college essay papers assigned in courses other than English will require factual information.
  4. Introduction: A truly professional essay grabs the reader with a “hook,” so that s/he will want to read on. For example, “In 2011, there were 9,146 gun deaths in the U.S. and only 39 in the UK,” would cause a reader surprise, as well as inform him/her of the topic for the essay. When you are able to compose these types of introductions, you are on your way to mastering how to write a unique essay.
  5. Body Paragraphs: Each body paragraph should address one sub-topic, and, as stated above, should move from the most to least important.  If you are writing a narrative, however, the body paragraphs will tell a story, and they should be organized chronologically.
  6. Conclusion: Your conclusion should state your thoughts or reflections, should sum up the points you have made, or point the reader in a direction for action.

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