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Keep these points in mind when writing an informal essay

Many people keep diaries and records of events that occur in the course of their daily lives. Additionally, there are a lot of people who write blogs on various subjects, especially since the social media industry has grown so rapidly and made this type of activity extremely popular. Aside from this, writing blogs is a useful activity because it helps people improve their writing and thinking skills. Writing of this type can be referred to as informal. However, if you are a student, it is likely you are more accustomed to formal writing than the informal type. At some time or other, most people come across formal texts, which may be journal or newspaper articles, reports, some academic paper, and so on. A formal paper is generally written in a clear manner and structured in a specific way.  

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What Is an Informal Essay?

An informal essay is one of the common academic assignments, which serves mainly for enjoyment and entertainment. Although such an essay is usually written in a relaxed style, the student should follow certain rules to cope with this assignment successfully. Informal papers are often used to share personal experiences or to express some viewpoints in an informal way. Unlike a formal essay, an informal one is characterized by an amusing or conversational tone appealing to the readers` feelings. 

The Basics of an Informal Paper

A paper of this type is sometimes referred to as a personal statement or essay. It can be based on the writer’s thoughts and general reflections. An informal essay does not have any strict rules in terms of how it formatted or organized. When writing this type of paper, the writer can be as imaginative and creative as they wish since the main purpose is to provide one’s readers with great content. One of the unique features of informal writing is the manner in which the writer speaks directly to their readers. This means the style is usually lively and conversational. Nonetheless, it is important for informal essays to be well written.

Although informal papers are often produced for a particular reason, this does not suggest it is necessarily easy to write about the chosen subject matter. This type of writing certainly differs from many other genres insofar as the style is informal and the structure is not quite as strict. However, these types of papers should still adhere to a clear writing plan or outline. Similar to other written works, informal essays are designed to provide readers with information on a particular topic. It is possible for this style to even be persuasive. The primary difference is that there is often a hint of humor in an informal paper.

Like other written pieces, an informal essay serves to provide readers with knowledge on a given topic. The writer simply needs to adhere to the informal style of writing to put across their viewpoint on a given subject. When writing a paper like this, the writer can share their experiences with their readers. Moreover, they can include some fictional elements in their work. Papers of this type enable tutors and professors to evaluate how well a student is able to express their views and thoughts on a variety of subject matter.

Format of an Informal Essay

Even though this type of essay is informal, the language in it still needs to be formal. Nonetheless, the writer is free to make use of abstract terms, idioms, colloquialisms, and so on, if the assignment’s instructions permit. However, it is essential to understand what the focus of this type of work is since this is the only way you can succeed in writing a high-quality paper. It is not possible to say that an informal paper must be formatted in a specific way or style. However, this genre of writing does have some unique peculiarities.

The Structure of an Informal Paper

Standard essays are based on the five-paragraph format. Structurally, these are made up of an introductory paragraph, three main body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. Yet, an informal essay is not confined to a definitive format or structure. Moreover, it is not restricted by any particular number of words and it does not specifically require the type of thesis statement that is usual in other essay types. In fact, this type of paper can be arranged in any way the writer wishes.

The Style of an Informal Essay

In many ways, it is easier to write an informal essay than it is to write a formal one. When they are addressing their readers or relating a story, the writer may use personal pronouns such as “I,” “you,” and “we.” This genre of essay also allows the type of phrases, expressions, and contractions that one generally uses in daily life. Many students claim that a great benefit of informal writing is the lack of complex rules that must be strictly applied in other types of academic writing. Reading an informal essay is comparable to holding a conversation with a good friend.  

The Readership or Audience

If you want to impress your readers, it is important to know who they are. The nature of informal essays is certainly personal and they have no specific purpose. Rather, this type of writing is intended to generate a positive or good feeling in readers. Still, it would be a mistake to believe the writer should have nothing particular in mind when they begin preparing their paper. In most cases, a writer discusses various ideas in the course of writing. It may even be that they retell a particular story or relate some experience they have had. Doing so, the writer may impart something that surprises their readers.  

The following are some topic ideas for an informal essay in case you are stuck:

  • Why cancer is the greatest challenge for modern society.
  • The features of a good marriage.
  • The joy of motherhood.
  • How to perfect parenthood.
  • Adults versus teenagers and how to enjoy life.
  • Children versus parents – who has the upper hand?
  • How does one acquire the qualities to be a good leader?
  • The pitfalls of 21st century society.
  • How traditional schooling compares to online learning.

The Structural Features of Informal Writing

Informal essays are sometimes referred to as narrative essays in that they are similar to story-telling. Hence, the style is different to the style found in other types of academic writing. The paragraphs are not especially long and they are similar to newspaper-style columns. An informal essay has an informal tone. The closing section or conclusion summarizes the main points from the entire paper. 

Keep these points in mind when writing an informal essay:

  • Although the style is informal, the paper should adhere to the highest standards of quality.
  • The work will need to be edited.
  • Pay close attention to punctuation.
  • It is permissible to include everyday language, phrases, contractions, and personal pronouns such as “I,” “you” and so on.
  • Readers should be addressed directly.
  • The style should be easy-to-read to get the attention of readers. The subject should be presented in an appealing manner.
  • Readers should be involved in the discussion.
  • Catchy quotations, examples, tables and similar aids can be used to keep readers interested. It is even permissible to tell a joke. Put another way, choose any approach that gives your essay an edge.

The following is a step-by-step essay plan to help you write a great paper:

  1. Choose a topic.
  2. Create an outline and collect suitable information.
  3. Write your introduction paragraph and your main body paragraphs.
  4. Make use of jargon, informal phrases, colloquialisms, and so on.
  5. Write a well-reasoned concluding paragraph.

There are usually two sides to each situation or event. Nonetheless, even opposing viewpoints can relate to one another. You should therefore present your subject matter in a manner that readers find appealing even if the topic does not seem very interesting. The writer’s task is to furnish their readers with relevant information about a particular topic. Still, do your best to ensure your paper does not sound overly amusing or too tedious. Try to achieve the right balance.

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