You can’t be thrilled by an angry person or can you? There is no one who likes an angry person or at least I don’t know anyone. But have you ever thought about the ways how this disastrous feeling, which every human being experiences, can be overcome? How often can you be described as a short fuse? Does it make sense to keep counting your “weak moments of anger?” Most likely not. You can do nothing with the negative feelings that naturally arise no matter how desperately you are trying not to have them at all. You are unable to stop them but you can transform them into the good ones.

The energy which is provided with anger is deemed negative, that’s why we do need to do our best to transform it into a good one. How can you do this will you ask? At first sight, it seems an impossible thing to do. But believe me, your hulk anger can and should be transformed into something good!

It’s about time to say “no” to any bad feelings because they are extremely damaging both to our mental and physical health. Every time the negative energy comes up, face it for good no matter how ridiculous it may sound.

Useful Tips How to Use Your Energy

The Emotion of Anger

Almost every animal is capable of emotions, and the reason why even an animal has the emotion of anger is evolutionary. We need to react to circumstances effectively because of the survival reason, that’s why feel frustrated, threatened, powerless, or attacked. Everyone feels this emotion in the first place in order to survive.

According to recent studies, anger could play another significant role in our lives mostly because of the outlook towards risk it gives you. How does it work? An angry person is much more optimistic towards taking risks which is helpful in the process of transforming bad habits into the good ones, according to the researcher, Dr. Marcia Reynolds.

How to Use Anger in a Positive Way

You might be surprised but being angry, you have the true power to change any circumstances or areas of your life that do need positive transformations. The secret lies simply in using your anger as a strong tool that pushes you to focus on what you desire to change within yourself. You can’t even imagine how useful it can be for you as soon as you realize how much power you have to change your circumstances. All you need is to realize deeply that it’s your anger, that’s where changes start happening. Can’t do anything with your hulk anger right now? What if you just estimate the level of your fury and send it to the right place? Remember your anger can and should be your powerful positive shift.

You Need to Start With Identifying Your Rage

Why should you do that will you ask? By identifying the right moment when you step into these angry feelings you are mastering your positive self-awareness. You are training your inner strength which will get better the more you use it. When you develop emotional tools, you the same way gain relaxing techniques which will be of the great significance throughout your life. If you master how to take yourself away from any frustrating situation, you increase your chances to benefit from any stress.

Transform Your Angry Energy in Motivation

The importance of anger shouldn’t be undervalued, as this essential emotion gives us the ability to process negative feelings and finally overcome and let go of situations in our lives. Whenever you notice that your anger is all-consuming, it’s high time to cope with it, as it is extremely damaging to your well-being. What is the best way of coping with this disastrous feeling of rage? You should just channel your negative energy into something good. How should you turn your negativity mode into the positive one? The answer is so simple, take any physical activity. No matter what it will be running or swimming, the point is you need something to improve performance in. When you are angry, you are in the angry state, in a state which encourages you to improve personal bests. How does it happen? When your anger is performance related, you are motivated to fuel your desire for better results instead of focusing on your failures and disappointments. Let every possible disadvantage become the best advantage ever.

Use Anger as an Opportunity to Grow

Don’t judge yourself because of that emotion of anger, of course, it might be troublesome. You have to keep in mind that anger is an essential part of our emotional recovery for every human being. Even if it seems that you are so easily getting triggered, don’t worry so much about that. Use your anger in every possible way it can be used. Look at your anger as an opportunity to grow and become a better person then you were yesterday. See it as one more way to discover yourself and your capabilities. Just imagine how it can develop your inner strength and character, of course, if you are working with your anger. Don’t let your anger to capture you so deeply, let it help you to grow. Do you still think that anger has to be so negative?

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