Formatting Service

You work hard on your assignments, especially those that involve writing. In fact, most courses taken in high school and college involve the production of essays and research papers. Many students sincerely want to create their own works, but there are some circumstances which prevent them from producing pieces that will get good grades, no matter how well they may understand or have researched the topic, and no matter how solid and creative their thought may be. These circumstances include the following:

  1. For some students, English is a second language, and they simply do not have a command of the formal English and grammar to compete.
  2. Some students are highly intelligent and creative but do not have the writing skills required for exemplary grades in writing.
  3. Some students have jobs and other responsibilities and must complete written assignments quickly and without the time for proof reading, editing, and re-writing.
  4. Some students are unfamiliar with the essay formatting requirements of their instructors and receive lower grades as a result.

All of these students need to buy help from the professional editing and formatting service of! We have an entire department of English editing professionals who have the following credentials:

  1. Degrees in English or journalism
  2. Years of experience in reviewing content, structure, coherence, sequencing, and fluency, as well as proof reading for grammatical structure, spelling, vocabulary, and mechanics.
  3. Full understanding of academic writing, including paper formatting of any style.
  4. Ph.D. academicians to review theses, dissertations, statistical analyses, and other graduate level works.

Professional editing can only be offered by online services that employ native English-speaking writers and editors; formatting service can only be provided by academicians who have intimate knowledge of all formatting styles.