So now you are out of the boring academic essays The interesting topic of fashion is in your hands and you have to write it in an interesting manner to interest the reader and provide concrete information regarding fashion to the reader. So we have to think of the best possible manner of framing such types of essays and helping the students to secure good grades.

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First of all decide the topic on fashion which you are in interested in writing

There are numerous aspects in fashion to be written about. It has a vast range which includes the history of fashion or the changing trends in fashion or correlating the old fashion with modern day fashion. So you have to use your imagination to choose a different topic to interest your readers and judge whose sufficient material is at your disposal. There can also be various essay types on essays on fashion. It can include the analysis of fashion or a comparative study of fashion. The essay can be argumentative or discursive depending on the nature of the topic. The comparative study of fashion in different ages sometimes provides an edge to your essay.

The essays on fashion do not follow some set of rules. This is a general essay where the writer has to present his own views and ideas. The writer can also show the impact of fashion on his life and his observations on the present people moving around. The personal views add a touch to the essay.

The fashion essays are opinion based

Here you have to include live examples of people and how the fashion has an impact on their lives. You also need to discuss the pros and cons of fashion and their impact on the society on general. For this you have to consult various fashion magazines or may have to keep a track of various fashion shows which are in limelight. Also various TV programme and radio shows which give the tips on fashion can be of great use for writing fashion essays. In your essay you have to sound persuasive and argumentative to address the readers from all strata and balance the various aspects of fashion. Fashion might have different impacts on different people. So you can discuss that as well. But you should not hold bias views towards one thing which might sometimes hurt the sentiments of the reader thus resulting in a debate and resulting in low grades.

Formatting of Fashion Essay

You should follow the essay format in this type of essay as well. It should comprise of introduction, main body developed into paragraphs and the conclusion where the writer can provide his own views on the topic. Use the terminology of the fashion world and correlate the material throughout the essay. Make sure your research on fashion interests the reader that he not only reads it with interest but also tries to follow your fashion tips.

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