Middle School Confessions

Middle school confessions are a disturbing insight into the personal lives of today's youth. It is absolutely a signal alerting the society of how much parents and teachers need to take care and assist the adolescents as they pass the transition from teenage to adulthood. Adolescence is a challenging rite of passage in which in many youth makes choices of what ways to behave and adopt henceforth.

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According the adolescents confessions, their behavior is far from normative. Although the sexual information and education disseminated to youths affirms that sexuality is a natural and healthy part of living, the adolescents should not use this as a reason for indulgence in premarital sex. Gay relationship is far from normative behavior ad it is not for the adolescents to get encouraged to practice gay relationship because of the support given to them by parents, families and friends. The confessions hint on their belief in the ill-informed public. The behavior of the students are slightly normative in that they are subject to peer pressure is part of growing where they have to decide what to do and who to avoid.

Their attitude towards sex is wrong as they do not approve of abstinence but rather take on premarital sex based on using protection to prevent pregnancy and transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, which they fail to prevent more often.

We learn that the adolescents attain their gender identity through observation and imitation of gender-linked behaviors. Some portray inconsistent gender identity as heir behavior or dressing does not match their biological sex characteristics. Thus, gender identity is affected by social factors hence not fixed and therefore modified and expanded by acquisition of various behaviors.

Adolescence can be a hard time for parents and easy to miss connection with their children. The parents should be on the forefront to fix the communication gap lest they lose their children at this vulnerable stage. Parent's guidance through the teenage is of vital importance to help children emerge as competent young adults.

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