Graduate School

Making the right choice for graduate studies is an exciting experience that I would like to accomplish with outstanding keenness. With the challenges involved, I am aware that coming up with a checklist of significant factors to consider is fundamental. A number of factors appear in my list, but three among them stand out.

To begin with is the question of whether a school is offering the right career option that suits me. I am aware that there are several courses with similar titles in many graduate schools world over. Most course titles can be attractive but, the content offered may be below international standards. It is of vital importance that the course offered have relevant content. Quality content that meets international standards is a crucial factor for majority of recruitment companies for vacancy consideration. Moreover, a course that lands me in the right job is a priority.

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Secondly, reputation of a school is an important. A number of colleges that offer graduate business courses my have a popular website but very little to offer. Some have made it through because they are able to give quick certificates, but they cannot handle the right academic awareness demands in the popular market. Students and alumni from reputable graduate schools find it easy in the public arena since they have a lot of network. A good reputation for a college is a plus for graduates that are seeking jobs. 

Is the college of my choice accredited to offer the course that I want? If a school is not accredited, there are limited opportunities to get admission for further studies in world-class institutions. This is normally a limiting factor to most graduates, who come from such schools, no matter their high performance record from the school since it will not be recognized worldwide. It will be good to know whether this college appears in the Council of Graduate Schools approved colleges and The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

Baruch College’s Zickline School of Business is an accredited college by AACSB, which puts it above in my choice. It also offers the right career option. Apart from the fact that the school has qualified faculty, the course contents for every course offered in the college answers the questions that I have. I find Zicklin School of Business the place to be. Its wide alumni network that is spread the world over testifies the quality of career offered.

With its reputation of being a successful sponsor and an outstanding advisor to six US presidents, Zicklin School of Business offers the confidence I want from a graduate school. I will be proud to be in a school that is known to have educated renowned American business leaders since its inception. Moreover, this school offers its courses at student friendly rates.

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