The Democracy and Dominance


The democracy and dominance both has flourished in U.S domestic as well as foreign policies. It starts from civilization and ends with the clash of interests world wide. It can be observed through out the American history that supremacy and national interests became the priorities in domestic as well as foreign policy. Nevertheless, the 9/11 terrorist attack and after that the war against terrorist and its expansion is a reference to American interests. Moreover, the recent domestic and foreign policies has exposed the ethical standing of United States in the world. It is fact that the current American policies have created bad impression of its purely personal interest policy.

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 The dilemma of the society:

9/11 is now almost ten years old dilemma with lot of debates, lots of protests and reasoning of war against terrorist. Now at the moment the actual and evidential situation is. The dilemma has been passed away for which America started the war against terror and implemented the acts of infringement. After ten years, it is now evidential and to be very honest the infringement laws had greatly affected the American citizens especially the foreigners’ and nationality holders. They have suffered a lot in all respect and some of them have been deported only on doubt. It has greatly damaged the credibility of the country and affected its own citizens as well. The overlapped regulations and infringement of civil liberties has affected the personal, social and professional life of the citizens. It has created distrust on the affected foreign nationality holders. The only result that has achieved is the distrust of its own people and social complications.

The national interests and nation:

It is fact which can be realized with the analysis of war against terrorist initiated. The war is fought for the sake of national interests by U.S. And there are many films made upon the Bush administration and his war strategy. Some conspiracies arise after war against terrorists that Bush has hide some information from he nation. And now it is widely considered the truth that there was no concrete basis which initiated the war. But, the national interests that created demand to push the nation into war out of reasons. As a result the war has damaged the polite and sympathetic image of the nation.

The nation also faced many difficulties due to the wrong decision of leaders. It created panic situation in the country. And for securing the people government has initiated wrong decision to protect the people. One law which snatches the liberties from the people is the patriot act. It is about to fully authorized the security agencies to search the personal information of every citizen telephone, e-mail, and financial records without any court orders. Moreover, it also allows security agencies to scrutinize the business records and even libraries to eradicate the terror aspects in the country.

The national interests have badly affected the nation. The kind of laws patriot act has snatched the liberty from the citizens. People do not feel free with the threat of patriot law even it damaged badly the performance of citizens.

The most affected ones:

The scenario has affected all the citizens living in the United States, but, the most affected ones are foreigners especially the Asians. It is evidenced that the Asian more specifically the Muslims have suffered a lot after 9/11. They had have scrutinized and checked more carefully as they are the culprits. The whole scenario had been created by the government to pinpointing the Muslims as terrorists. This is also a dilemmatic moment in the history of America which has equality in social and justice system. But, at that moment a complete discrimination was witnessed by the whole world. The Muslims who settle their businesses in America and devoted their best to the country which is not their own homeland. However, this discrimination behavior has been witnessed and beard by the lived ones.

The race element has been witnessed here also. The outsider especially the Muslims has been treated very badly to create artificial panic. Now the world is witnessing the bad policies initiated by the America in shape of recession and insecurity. The world has become more insecure place than before. In the American society and out of the society there is more anger for the Americans. And it is only due to the bad administration which was initiated by Bush and still it is continued.   

The extreme of unethical: the citizens are not free at their own homeland:

The most pathetic scene is the first citizens the America origins are also not free at their homeland. This has created a pathetic situation in the society which initiates irritation and sense of disowner-ship by the government. It would be better to settle the security matters with intelligence. However, many thought that the matter of civil security was mishandled by the authorities. It has stagnated the social and communal activities of the citizens. Moreover, it has spread the insecurity in the citizens than to reduce it with confidence building measures. It is very difficult to adjust in that kind of environment for a liberated community.

Actually it is not protecting the nation, but, most appropriately it belongs to a hijacking the nation. It is states prime liability to ensure the security and prosperity of the citizens. But, the state has involved itself into the activities which eventually affected the nation badly. This extremely unethical step should be questioned to the authorities and should confirm to not to revise it again.

Media response and results:

Media response was with the government right after the happenings of 9/11. But, as time passed away the media also realized the truth and start exposing the evil angle of the pastime. In this reference there are many films made against the wrong steps taken by the Bush administration. Some of them are Rendition, Fahrenheit 9/11, The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara and Mississippi Burning. All of the films mentioned have more or less same story about state’s mismanagement and bad administration.  

This media effort has created good impact on the state perception. It highlighted the sufferance of people and the real time difficulties faced by the citizens of United State of America. It also identified the racial element in the society which has been increased after 9/11. As the first impression given to the people right after the attack on world trade center were terrorists. And the word terrorist being linked with the Muslims, it has created huge misunderstanding in the society. Every white looks the Muslim as terrorist which was a wrong perception created by the media and state administration.

However, this perception has been rectified by the powerful medium of films. In this reference the film Fahrenheit 9/11 has presented the bad administration of Bush government. It has very openly opposed the policies of Bush government specially the attack on Iraq. The theme of the film was about not to aware and provide an accurate or objective analysis of the rationale for the war or the resulting casualties.  

A society with extreme ethics and social justice has became more racial and warlord. This change in American society has damaged its soft image in the world, and now the anger against America has been increased.  

Ethics and race:

Two very opposite, but, at the same time, very prominent constituents of American society. The American society starts with racial discrimination which was identified socially and rectified also. There is some racial element even now in the society but it has been rectified largely. The ethics has been developed in the American society and the society is one of the idols in the world in reference of social justice and ethics.

But, after 9/11 attack both of the constituents of American society has been dramatically changed. The racial element has been arisen in consideration of terrorist as Muslims. Muslims has been suffered most in the war of national interests. It has also brought unethical example in the social justice society and again pulls the racial element into the society. This scenario should be changed now, it is now long war which has killed lot of human lives without any reason. It makes the world more insecurity and unethical. It should be reconciled and rectified amicably.

Politics and national interests:           

The politics and national interests have been exposed to the world. Now it is time to reverse the situation and stop the bloodshed. It is a war without any gain a war just for the sake of war nothings has been achieved so far. It is better to come with a polite sense and bring peace and justice with the power of personal relation.  


At the end of treatise, the ultimate advice is that it is better to again democratically deviate the society into the ethics and social justice. Otherwise, it will ultimately damage the society to the edges of worst situation. The harmony is only possible to spread harmony with justice.        

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