Houston is largest and multicultural city in the state of Texas. Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen found it on August 30, 1836. Its name comes from the old President of the Republic of Texas Sam Houston. Houston was incorporated on June 5, 1837. The main sectors of economy are energy, manufacturing, aviation, transportation, and health sectors in the city. Many languages are spoken in Houston because of influx of immigrants. The research concentrates on the two distinct Hispanic groups in Houston and how they blend into civic life of Houston.

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After Houston was established, the city developed economic and social issues. For example, Oil was founded in 1901 in the city, and railroad industry and port started to develop because of the discovery of oil. The oil affects the fluctuations in the city’s population. The city is very good on these issues: oil and gas exploration, basic petroleum refining, and petrochemical production. Also, it is good about other issues such as medical research and health care delivery, high-technology (computer, aerospace, environmental, etc.), government (City, state and federal), International import and export and commercial fishing. The city is good at managing agriculture, education, film and media, banking and finance, manufacturing and distribution, and related service industries. They create Houston’s economy. The city is very convenient to new business sectors.

Houston has a mayoral form of municipal government. People, who live in Houston, elect a mayor, city controller, and fourteen members of the city council for a two years term. The mayor manages the city with a city controller and members of the city council.

In history about important events the development of Houston: A chamber of commerce was created for waterborne business and shipping on the port of Buffalo Bayou in 1840. A commercial and rail center was grown for the export of cotton in 1860. A viable deepwater port was built in 1900. Oil was found in 1901. A big progress project was approved for the Houston Ship Chanel in 1902. The deepwater Port of Houston opened in 1914. All of them increased Houston’s population quickly, and the region of Houston expanded. During the late 1950s, healthcare and research institutions grew in Houston, and Houston became the best medical center of Texas. NASA was established in 1961.There was a new, big population fluctuation in the city after 1970. Many people came from others cities and countries to get a job, because petroleum industries seemed very attractive. They provided new business opportunities to employees. “The unemployment rate in the city was 3.8% in April 2008, the lowest level in eight years while the job growth rate was 2.8%.’’( Prashant Gopal 2008-06-12).

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