Violence in the Workplaces

This essay focuses on stress management for staff working in health industry. It explains the use of critical incident Stress Debriefing (CIS) management tool which works to reduce stress levels among staff at a work environment. The essay outlines the purpose of CIS tool, the process of use and the expected outcome after utilization. Furthermore, it shall name at least three types of professionals that are at risk and utilizes the CIS tool and an opinion on whether the tool is useful in reducing stress and its reasons thereof. The essay will further l indicate physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioral reactions to stress.

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There has been stress associated with the environment in which staff of an industry work to the extent that they get affected in the process. We focus on health care professionals who face daily exposure to the illness of the patients, stressed families, excess patients beyond capacity to handle and many other situations. This has lead to the development of CIS management tool to assist those affected in order to lead normal lives. Critical incidents are those events that that overpower the usual coping capabilities of staff. The CIS management will involve the whole process of working through an incident to its conclusive resolution (Thomas, Bernado, Herman & Association, 2003).

This has led to the development of CIS management tool to treat staff that undergoes stress on their day to day activities. The purpose of the tool is to assist the staff to cope with overwhelming cases without being affected emotionally on their part. According to Thomas et al., (2003), this is a management tool that ensures that staff can manage their emotions in order to deliver the needed medical care. Many health facilities have even documented the CIS management tool policies on various steps to follow while attending to demanding situations of the job.

The process of using the CIS management tool is very important in that proper utilization leads to its effectiveness in treating stress. The process involves steps taken through by trained personnel to handle critical incidents for the hospital staff. The process will start by staff talking about their incidences and thereafter an expression of thoughts and ideas with the debriefing personnel. This will create a good communication and agreement that there is actually stress associated with work which is common to all. Thereafter the person doing debrief will move to the emotional reaction involved. This process is deep and will delve into the emotional effects after an incident. Here the staff will state a lot of their fears and how they respond to them emotionally (Meleis, 2010).

According to Meleis, (2010), after the emotional reaction is discussed, an individual doing debrief will take the staff through normalization process. This seeks to make the staff is made to accept the situation and proceed with the work since they are day to day occurrence in life. Thereafter the next step is to discuss a future plan of coping with the incidence. This makes the staff to be psychological prepared in future to handle stressing situations. The final step   will be that of disengagement. At this point, any unresolved issues are addressed and a continuous guidance and counseling will be recommended in order to maintain the spirit of courage. The expected outcome is a healthy staff who will deliver critical services to the patients without any problem.

The professionals that are at risk include those from aviation industry, health sector and security forces. These professionals are exposed to a lot of incidence and they interact with people from different situations and often get stressed unless the CIS management tool is utilized. I believe that the use of the tool has been of great advantage in ensuring that crucial service delivery is not interrupted due to stress on the part of the staff. Thus enhanced service delivery is achieved.

According to Thomas et al., (2003), the physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioral reactions to stress include being absent from work, problems in sleeping, lack of pleasure at work, health complication and even emotional difficulties.

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