Research Method in Psychology

In regard to the appearance of Jesus to the disciples on their way to Emmaus, it is obvious that they were biased because they forgot that Christ was their companion. They only remembered that Jesus died, and they did not anticipate Him to rise from the dead under the assumption that they had never seen a dead person rise. Another thing proves that they were biased because they anticipated the outcome, in this case, their belief or perception about death. We must, therefore, admit that the interpretation of the scriptures is done through natural human methods, without the elucidation work attributed to the Holy Spirit. This illustrates the fact that the followers were ignorant of God’s word and that is why they were unable to perceive Christ’s presence.

In psychological research, it is evident that whichever methodology is employed, there is the likelihood of bias caused by the mind-set of the researcher thus determining the outcome. Through variables researchers are capable of explaining connections of autonomous and reliant variables (Shaughnessy, et al 2009). In order to avoid biased outcome, the researcher must conduct the research under a double-blind procedure in order to safeguard the expectancy of both the researcher and the subject.

Another illustration of bias is found in Genesis 18: 1-15 where the Lord appeared to Abraham in the form of three angels. After Abraham welcomed the three men, they asked for his wife Sarah and one of them said that he will return about the same time the following year and Sarah will have a son. Their perception did not allow them to accept what they heard because they we both aged and Sarah laughed in disbelief. The reason was that they had never seen such a thing happen thus they could not easily accept it.

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