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Ever since my early days in school, I have always admired what people in the medical field do. I spent most of my early childhood in Vietnam. It is a country that has had a history of war and poverty meaning that the level of disease is also rife. I have witnessed epidemics before my very own eyes, mothers staring in despair as their children die. The picture is still fresh in my memory.  I always wished I was in a position to do anything for them even as a little child.  These childhood memories have always been my motivation for wanting to pursue a career in medicine and become a doctor.

Since my family immigrated to America, I have been able to access the best learning facilities and have been able to have the right pathway to study medicine. I immigrated to America when I was I was only six years old having completed kindergarten and grade two from my native country.  I joined junior school immediately I came to America and joined grade three.

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I worked very hard in my studies despite my difficulties with the English language being an immigrant. After one year I was already conversant with the language and eloquent enough almost like any other student born in America. I went to high school thereafter and did exceptionally well especially in the sciences which are very essential subjects in order to pursue medicine. I particularly had very high grades I Biology which has always been my favorite subject.I have also enjoyed my Chemistry classes over the years and hope that I will be able to follow my dream by being keen on these subjects.

My ultimate dream is therefore to be able to join Med school and pursue a course in Dentistry or general medicine. As a doctor I will be able to give back to the society as I have always aspired to do. I hope to go back to my country for various medical camps in order to help the poor who cannot access proper medical care.

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