The Exercise and Aging Coalition for Health


ROPE is a design used by researchers in solving problems. It stands for Research, Objectives, Programming, and Evaluation. It involves identifying and understanding the customer or an organization that is experiencing a particular problem, which requires to be solved. Therefore, using the ROPE model in designing the campaign about how to increase the number of Hispanic seniors participating in the promotion of exercise programs will involve identifying and setting objectives (Swann, 2010). This will include establishing objectives that best helps in dealing with the major problem, which concerns the Hispanics decrease in participation in the exercise program. These objectives will be successful through proper planning and execution of the program in the best way possible so that there is the best solution used to motivate the Hispanic seniors in returning to the exercise promotion program. The next step includes evaluation of the available program through monitoring the proceeding of the program to achieve better adjustments as required.

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As the new public relations director of The Exercise and Aging Coalition for Health, one needs to apply the ROPE model in increasing the number of the Hispanic seniors participating in this program of exercise promotion. For instance, it is important that major objectives be considered first in the whole program. The new director is therefore, required to carry out research on the best methods used in motivating the Hispanic seniors participating in the exercise promotion programs. The director could also try to educate the Hispanic seniors on the value of including physical exercise in their daily life. For instance, these people may not have enough information on the importance of physical exercises; therefore, creating awareness in them may make them change their minds thus adopting the program again.

They need to be educated that by having physical exercises, issues such as chronic, obesity, and heart diseases may be reduced or eliminated. The director should also ensure that there is enough research on the major benefits of physical exercise to enhance in the encouragement of the Hispanic seniors. These people should be informed that by exercising daily, one is able to prevent or manage issues such as lung diseases, high-blood pressure, or even diabetes. Therefore, as a way of winning the hearts of the Hispanic seniors back to Exercise and Aging Coalition for Health`s program of promoting physical exercise, the new director needs to research on better means of passing this message to them. The director can research more on the use of internet so that it this message can be send to people through Facebook, YouTube, or on blogs. This is because of the technological development that has taken place in most areas worldwide. Since many people are able to afford the internet, the director is sure of reaching a good number of people with the message of the promotion of physical exercises. This could thus be a turning point in increasing or bringing the Hispanic seniors in this program.

The director could increase the number of Hispanic seniors participating in The Exercise and Aging Coalition for Health`s exercise program by applying the ROPE model which emphasizes the value of identifying and setting objectives for the campaign program. For instance, the director should know the purpose for setting the campaign. Major objectives should be set to enable the campaign has a meaning or a reason as to it is being carried out. Therefore, the director should try to find out the reasons behind the decline in number of Hispanic seniors participating in the program of The Exercise and Aging Coalition for Health. Try to assess better means of distributing the message to these people concerning the benefits of including exercise as part of their daily schedule. For instance, the fee charged on the posters and the brochures, videos and free exercises services should be reduced and expanded in various areas that could be accessed by different seniors especially the Hispanic seniors. By reducing the fee and promoting the free exercise services all over Hispanic area, a good number of them will feel the need of resuming their daily physical exercises since they will be readily available and at a more affordable price to anyone participating in the program.

Another thing that the director needs to do is including programming in the design as part of the ROPE model. Through proper programming, which includes planning, the director will be able to meet the desires or the shortcomings of the Hispanic seniors that made them to reduce their participation in the program. For instance, The Exercise and Aging Coalition for Health`s new director should plan the best way that could motivate the Hispanic seniors in their program. Since there is the introduction of the new technological devices such as computers, video recorder, television among others, it needs proper programming that will be used in the new era of technology development. For instance, instead of using posters the corporation needs to make proper plans in terms of budgeting so that most resources should be directed to internet and television programs promoting exercises in aging group. By doing this, a great number of Hispanic seniors will be in a position to get the information since most have decided to use the new technology other than reading brochures and posters.

The final process The Exercise and Aging Coalition for Health`s new director should use in designing the campaign through ROPE model is by evaluating the available programs that have been used in promoting the exercise program. For instance, it is good for the director to try to evaluate the programs such as posters, television, or internet and see which ones can work better for this campaign. After evaluating each program, then proper adjustments should be made so that a better program is used in reaching out to these Hispanic seniors. Using ROPE model, the new director of The Exercise and Aging Coalition for Health will be able to increase the number of the Hispanic seniors into the program.

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