Team Effectiveness

Organization values

Organization values define the suitable standards which preside over the performance of individuals in an organization. Lack of these values causes the employees in the organization to pursue behaviors that are in line with their own individual significance systems. This, however, may adversely affect the performance of an organization. Organizational values should fit with the organization’s communication, both internally and externally. These values should continually be available even as new members join the organization.

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Mission and vision

An organization should also develop its own mission and vision. The mission declaration of the company expresses the philosophy of the company with respect to the business in particular and society in broad. The vision describes the future actions it will want to achieve as a result of the mission. The mission statement forms the basis of employee guide in the organization as it communicates the principles at hand that are yearning to be realized.

Strategic plan

Strategic plan is a significant plan in any organization. It is a step by step process with explicit intentions and end products that can be put into practice and appraised. The overall aim of an organization’s strategic plan is a production of a workable plan. In the development of a strategic plan, the prioritized needs and hopes resultant from the analysis are significant as a basis for setting objectives. It should also have envoys from all quarters of the organization and hold fast to steps of the development. 

Organization culture

Organization culture refers to the definite set of ethics and standards that are shared by the populace and clusters in an organization. It depicts the know-how, ideas and principles of an organization. Diverse people in the similar organization can have dissimilar insights of the culture of an organization. This is true concerning the varied perceptions sandwiched between the top and foot levels of the organization. For instance, the chief executive officer may view the organization as being highly focused and formal, while the receptionist may view the organization as being disorganized, confused and sometimes even rude.

Example of team purpose

Leaders should never perceive themselves as merely managers, but as people who have a high sense of involvement in team work. The purpose of a team is provision of a framework that increases the ability of employees to contribute in planning, getting the answer to a problem that may arise within the organization and in effect this enhances good service to organization’s clients. For teams to fulfill their goals there is a need to develop into working units that are led towards the organization’s mission, aim and the reason for which it exists.

Setting team goals and objectives together with team performance plan

Goals and objectives are a major component of an organization for success to be realized in an organization. While the connection between goal setting and performance measuring may seem obvious, communication between the two is not easy. It is a common scenario that most organizations misinterpret short term activities as outcomes. Team goals should therefore be mutually formed through consent between the team members for success to be realized.

Developing team cohesion and characteristics that make an effective team:

Team cohesion is a basis of effective team. Developing of team cohesion is, therefore significant so as to accomplish the mission for initiating the team. It helps teams maintain members encourage cooperative performance and in effect increase the motivation to work in the members. Team members are characterized by purpose sharing and common goal orientation. The team should be interested in its personal processes and scrutinizes norms operating in the team. The differences between the team opinions should be encouraged and freely expressed. It is good also for the team members to continually listen to and make clear what is being said and show collective concentration and feelings.

Strategies and techniques to built effective teams

For an effective team to be established, mutual draft of the objectives which entails team members understanding the actions that need to be taken in place. Then a participatory style to encourage staffs to implement ways to improve services should be initiated. Organization of meetings with the team during supervisory visits should be enhanced. This encourages teams to discuss their concerns. Organization of the team which defines the roles and responsibilities should be implemented.

How motivation helps build an effective team work

Motivation can help build a stronger team work in that initiates human productivity. This hence increases the teams opportunity to achieve no matte r how challenging the work environment may seem to be. It also actively involves the employee to decide how the work presented ahead entails and thus the joint work is enhanced as all employees set their minds to achieving the goal as motivated.

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