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In terms of creating a timeline, what is meant by the critical path of a PERT chart?

The critical path of a PERT chart is a statistical analysis of the succession of projects network actions which amount to the longest on the whole duration. It determines the shortest time possible to complete the project. Delays in the critical path directly impact the planned project completion date. It enables a determination of the success of completing the project given the current network schedule. A project’s critical path includes those tasks that must be started or completed on time to avoid delays to the total project. Currently, with commercial project management software, it is possible to generate a PERT chart with a lot of ease (Woof, 2007).

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How I would prioritize correction of the problem in B, C, or D.

According to the critical path of a PERT chart, step B is a process which holds down problem solving in the project, therefore, step B needs to be prioritized. Any setback due to step C and D is acceptable because it does not have any impact on the total duration of the project.

Order in which I would address the issue in step B, C and D.
I would address the issue in Step B first, because it is the first activity in the critical path of the PERT chart. Secondly, if it is the activity that can go before step C and D and step C and D can be delayed if Step B is delayed (Milosevic, 2003).  
How I would go prioritizing the repairs at the other two steps once the repairs in step 2 is completed.
I would prioritize repairs at the other two steps relying on what step has the more reliant steps once repair is completed in Step 2. This is to ensure that setbacks are minimized for greatest part of the steps.

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