Stress Management

Stress is the most troublesome term and situation encountered by almost every individual belonging from any industry or field. Many jobs require multiple activities to be executed under the high pressure of producing outstanding outcome within a very short frame of time. The pressure even rises if such high demanding jobs are of complex nature with undefined conditions.  Moreover, executing such critical jobs are the testing times when the most effective and efficient performance is required and evaluated.  

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Stress can lead to raise the number of errors, increase the response time, and reduce the concentration of a person. All these factors result in to the poor performance delivery. The normal training techniques applied to train the personnel do not accommodate the scenario of stressful environment. Thus, specialized skills training is needed to produce better outcome under pressure. The objective of stress training is to make individuals and teams work efficiently under high demanding conditions.  Stress Training is simply the updated version of the normal training procedure in which the training designer has incorporated the scenario of practical environment from the real life situation so that the trainee gets familiarized with the pressurized conditions and thus, delivers better performance even under stress.

The Aviation Industry is very likely to encounter situations of emergencies and several other hazards which account stress to be laid upon the practitioners and thus, the people working in this industry should be well aware of dealing with such situations through proper Stress Management.  People involved in the Aviation Industry should be assertive in making decisions very quickly. The team members should be able to coordinate well with each other. Mutual understanding should be maintained amongst the team members which accounts to team work.

The job performance is also evaluated to determine the behavior pattern such as assertiveness of the practitioner portrayed in a team’s situational exercise. The rating for the behavioral measure can be acquired from the peers and the supervisors. The rating has to be awarded on the basis of the behavior displayed during the varied range of exercises performed in classrooms and even in flight simulators. The rating for assertiveness, obtained through the behavioral assessment in a group-based situational exercise, can be improved through different practices such as training, Airline’s policies and procedures, and the team’s ambience. The observation training should also be incorporated in training methods prior to assessing the resource management.   

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