Similarities and differences amongst Four Organizations

There are various similarities between the four organizations. First, all the four are non-profit organizations that render serves to the community in general. Whatever service they offer is intended to improve the lives of society members in different perspectives. Moreover, it is an unwritten rule that all the four organizations should render theirs services while maintaining a neutral stand. Police should treat all individuals with equal respect and respond to all issues with a similar sense of urgency. City Lights Home should, in turn, offer women and children in abusive relationships similar treatment in the provision of shelter. On the other hand, Intercept Youth should ensure all troubled children have an equal chance in leading successful lives. Lastly, Co-op America should use the same standards in classifying company products as environmental friendly or not. In addition, all organizations should withstand all the challenges they face in rendering their services.

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Several differences also exist amongst the four organizations. Each offers a different service to the community. Police offer security; City Lights Home offers shelter to children and women in abusive relationships; Intercept Youth links troubled children with foster parents, and Coop America protects the environment  for future generations. Secondly, the government funds the police while the other organizations are privately funded. For instance, Boise Rescue Mission supports City Lights Home. Another difference lies in the recipients of their service. Police render their service to all members of the community indiscriminately; City Lights Home targets women and children in abusive relationships; Intercept Youth focuses on troubled youths by uniting them with foster parents while Coop America targets the economic fraternity- businessmen, buyers, and investors. Finally, the trust accorded to each organization varies. Police are can easily lose the trust accorded to them should they fail, even once, in deciphering their duties. People trust Co-op America highly and people prefer to use products that the organization has approved. Since, City Lights and Intercept Youth rescue their target group form trouble; they must win the people’s trust for them to seek refuge in them.

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