Organizational Structure at ATW

Management is the name of synergy of four major things, a) Planning b) Organizing c) Leading d) Controlling. No matter what type of management is, but one thing for sure when ever the name of management comes these four things automatically associated with it. Likelihood the different aspects of management, marketing management albeit has a significance role in the long run of the organization. The marketing department is held responsible to initiate such strategy, which adds a remarkable value in the productivity as well as in the efficiency of the organization. The foremost function of the marketing department is to congregate business for the organization and such accumulation has a direct contact with the net profit of the organization, so in short we can say that the marketing department is inexorably the main profit taking hub for an organization.

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In the current scenario, there is essence of mounting unemployment rate, depleting economy, dwindling on foreign reserves, plummeted to exports & trades and poverty are some escalating issues which we have been encountered from last 1 and half year, which not only broken the back of the officials but also throw the whole world including the government into a severe distress (Appelbaum, B, Leonnig, 2009).

Due to the severe distress almost every government initiated different plans to get back their economy on the previous momentum. We are well aware with the fact that, financial institutions are the one which received a jolt from the current financial crisis tsunami. This is the time, when the organization is expelling out their employees from their companies for the cost effectiveness. Expelling out is not a problem for the organization but the main problem is the retention of the employees. Albeit, there are a number of factors which will influence on a person’s perception to leave or retain his job. The main prospective of this study is quite straightforward, as we want to analyze the essence of motivation in our chosen organization. Basically this is an underpinning assignment, in which we will underpin the issues and things pertaining to our chosen organization. The organization which we have chosen on which this entire report will be based on is Amazing World of Fund (hereafter AWF) which is an amusement park. In the next section, we will describe something about AWF and then shift our gears towards the main theme of this study.

The Amazing World of Fun (AWF) is a theme park located in the north end of the Florida Keys, about 300 miles south of Orlando. It was founded in 1956 by Augustus (known as Gus) and Martha Pinter as a traditional amusement park. The park was well renowned due to the boasting of the biggest roller coaster ride of United States. The park was divided into 5 main habitat zones; Safari Adventure, Tropical Rainforest, Marine Enchantment, Dessert Jewels and Wetland Wilderness. Each zone of the park houses a large ride, a selection of animals, probably an animal show, educational features and various themed concession stands. The management of AWF comprises on six pillars which are Chief Executive (Gus), Vice President (Eric), Commercial Vice President (George), Finance Director (Fred), Estate Director (Amy) and Director of Personnel (Conchita).

Organizational structure has a real influence on the overall effectiveness of the organization. Plausible and efficient structure of the organization has a real influence over the long run of the organization. The structure of the organization is quite sophisticated and according to plan. The stance and the essence of structured line of business are great for the organization. At ATW up to date work delegation system is great. Every department has a manager and director which is a wonderful thing indeed to run the operation of a business plausibly. More precisely, it can be said that the hierarchy of their business is great and effective. The thing which I like in them is their ad hoc and sophisticated hierarchy. Apart from their good and strong things, there are some things which can be referred as their potential weaknesses which predominantly are the low motivation level among their employees and low interaction level among their top managers and subordinates. The facilitation stance of the company is also not up to the benchmark, as the upper management mainly some specific people intervene in the long run of the employees. There are some appalling difference lies among the facilitation and the benefits of the firm operating in the same capacity. The work performing by such companies is quite complicated and that is the main thing, that why they have to facilitate their employees. Let me describe some benefits which the other companies giving to their employees while ATW does not. Study reveals that benefits and other facilitation stance has an ultimate effect on either the motivation and satisfaction level of the employees. A large number of people still unaware with the factor “Motivation”. Well, a condition that activates behavior and gives direction to a person, energizes him and directed him towards achievement of his optimal goal is called Motivation. It’s an internal condition which generally utilizes to motivate the human beings but on the contrary it can be used to direct the behavior of the animals as well. The foremost function of motivation is to maximize the pleasure and condense the pain and hazards of life. Rewards are the best tool available to motivate a person at his workplace. Actually, motivation has two main types on the basis of which a person can motivate pertinently. The two types of motivation are, Intrinsic Motivation and Extrinsic Motivation. From the case study of ATW, we have found that the company does not account for either motivation factor. On the other hand their competitors are giving a number of benefits to their employees. Employees like Krista disappointed a lot with the stance low motivation factor given by ATW. Krista was very disappointed with their co-employees because almost all the employees get into conspiracy against her work, although she was a competent person and a dedicated employee. of Here we want to associate this stance with a theory which is Maslow need theory. 

Maslow’s Needs Theory:

Every human being has wants and desire and with respect to that he also has the propensity to achieve the needs which ultimately influence on his behavior. We are well aware with the fact that there are so many needs, from a person envisage in his entire life that is why such needs arrange in such a manner that it fulfill the basic needs first than comes to the complex one.

Maslow considered the same and presented a theory which known as the Maslow needs theory, according to the theory a person can’t leapt on the upper hierarchy until and unless his basic need is not fulfill. Let’s have a glance over the Maslow need theory model and then we will implement this model on us. As per the theory there are five levels of needs. 

(1)   Physiological Needs

(2)   Safety

(3)   Belongingness

(4)   Esteem

(5)   Self Actualization

The theory exactly depicts the motivational factor from an employee point of view and the same can be applying on ATW. 

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