My Management Style


Management means synchronization of team members and systematizing the tasks. Every organization needs to have systemized execution of tasks which normally called standard operational procedures. At the same time, every manager should equip himself with the tools and tactics to manage the tasks like soft skills, technical skills and conceptual skills. Moreover, a joint effort by the organization as well as managers can produce the excellent results. However, managers should maintain and take care of their personal management style which is quite valuable in reference of team building and work performance.

Mandatory for managers:

Managers are supposed to be equipped with the basic organizational skills so that their work force can contribute its share towards the growth and prosperity of the organization. Following are the mandatory organization skills:

Ability to use knowledge, methods, techniques and equipment acquired from experience, education and training. It is most necessary for performance of tasks.

Human skills refer to the ability to coordinate with the team members in the work premises and during the working hours. It includes understanding the resources, inducing the motivation into them and an application of effective personal leadership skills.

Conceptual skills belong to ability to understand the complexities of the overall organization and where one’s own operation fits into the organization. This knowledge permits one to act according to the objectives of the total organization rather than only on the basis of the goals and needs of one’s own immediate group ((Kinicki & Kreitner, 2009).

My management skills:

My management style is organizing and rationalizing my team members. As an army person I have to keep my team synchronized and rationalized. My goals are not corporate but the goals that I have are too hard and difficult. These goals cannot be accomplished without a perfect influence on the team members and professional command on the technicalities. Therefore, I have to keep my self equip with the technical, human and conceptual skills, but, it is reality to have an edgy ability to deal with the people than any other ability. Therefore, I always keep emphasizing on the soft skills which helps me to manage my tasks and teams with a better treatment. And a better treatment can only award team working and team members can contribute their best.

My influencing treatment:

As a manager you have to have an influencing personality. Nobody can influence his/her team without a true spirit of human skills, technical skills and conceptual skills. Hence, these skills are damn mandatory to be a leader. If you don’t have a personality which possesses empathy, command and concepts you cannot influence your team. Therefore, my influencing treatment is to deal with my team empathetically means with human skills, commandingly means having enough technical skills and conceptually means to perfectly conceive the solution of the problems.


Management is not easy to master. It includes overall personality restraints to deal with situations and more tough is to deal with people. Both intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence needs to its highest level to become a good manger. However, at the end of treatise we can point out that the most important and mandatory skill of a manager is human skill which plays a vital role to deal with situation and peoples as well. Thus, I pay special attention to the human skills which always enable me to do better with the people and done the best job. Moreover, I always like to adapt the same and recommend the same to others and for their success in any field of management.

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