Management Projects

1.1 Scope Statement

Provide an efficient e-filling system in line with Purple company objectives.

1.2 Scope Description

Ø Solution description: The e-filing system will solve the problem that has arisen due to the previous filing. The folders have become bulky and retrieval has become almost impossible. On average, the filing clerks will take up to five minutes to retrieve an article from the archive. The solution will be offered in this pilot project that will produce files at the click of a button

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Writing level
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Total price: $ 00.00

Ø The pilot will meet the Purple’s goal of efficient service and thus improve customer service.

Ø It will make work easier for writers, researchers and editors to retrieve and share information thus meeting the goal of employee satisfaction.

Ø The archives will be available to all authorized workers on request from all over the world saving about 20% of the money used to provide such information to workers in the field.

Ø Operational expenses of Purple company will reduce by an estimated $230000 annually if e-filing is implemented.

1.3 Scope Constraints.

Ø The project faces resource limitations in terms of the equipment required to set it up. High tech computers will be required to develop the information system but the available ones are either outdated or are in use during working hours.

Ø Manpower that can develop the system is below the limit. There are four IT specialists who can develop the system but with the time running out, a minimum of eight is required to get the system running within the given period.

Ø $8000 has been availed but as the estimates will tell, this could run the first phase of design but will not be enough for adoption of the system into Purple Company.

Ø As mentioned the time given is not proportional to the number of system designers attached to this job, solely because they will all work as a group to minimize errors.

1.4 Scope Assumptions

Ø The Business Sponsor and the Steering Committee will provide maximum cooperation throughout the project period.

Ø The necessary resources will be availed to adequately staff the project through all the phases.

Ø Full system development and implementation approach to convert all of Purple’s paper-based filed forms to an e-Filing system that will be easier to access and use.

Ø Estimate time was based on uninterrupted project delivery without administrative breaks and any unforeseen requirements.

Ø The necessary hardware and software would be provided for by the company and not included in the budget.

Ø The implementation phase would be a maximum of two days to familiarize workers with the system. The time was not included within the project development timeframe.

Ø Costs associated with inputs from Purple Company  and/or other technical assistance resources are not included.

1.5 Initial risks and Issues

Ø The employees will take time to adjust to the system hence lowered out put for the implementation phase.

Ø The biggest issue posed is how to automate the millions of word documents in Purple’s files.

Ø The risk of not including some files is imminent.

Ø The key testing resources could be unavailable to the development team due to employees commitment to higher priority assignments.

1.6 Deliverables/Key Tasks

Ø Selected archives availed to customers

Ø A fully automate filing system

Ø Recommendations on new automation

Ø A feasibility study

Ø Faster research service and answering of client questions.

1.7 Initial estimates of resource requirements and costs

  The estimates are:


Original Budget

Current Budget

Spent to Date

Est. to Complete

Total Deficit







































1.8 Resource Requirements

The  personnel resources that will be required to complete this project are:

1.8.1    Team and Support Resources

Personnel Resource Types

Cost $

IT programmer


Implémentation phase facilita tors


system developers


Total Personnel Resources


1.8.2    Other Resources

Resource Types

Cost $







Total  Resources


SECTION II: Project Organization

2.1 Stake Holders, Role and Responsibilities of Project manager

      The following are the role definitions that are being applied to the availed resources for the success of the project;

Project Sponsor:

Jeffrey Brown, M.D

ü The M.D is the sole budget planner for the project and is the major recipient for the project deliverables.

ü He is a major stakeholder.

ü Approves of the executive team and the budget changes.

Project Owner:

Board of Directors. Purple Company.

ü Provides policy definition to the Project team.

ü The Board Resolves any policy issues that might arise to ensure smooth running.

ü It resolves any conflicts that might arise in the project phase and guide on the way forward.

ü Has a direct link of communication to the project manager to ensure smooth operations

ü For any policy clarification, the project manager will consult the board.

Project Manager: Sharon Masson.

ü Provides the overall management to the project.

ü Accountable for establishing a Project Charter and presenting it to the board.

ü Will manage and develop the work plan,

ü In charge of securing the required resources as need arises

ü Will delegate the work and ensure successful completionof project within the time frame

ü Team members report to the project manager. 

ü Handles all project administrative duties

ü Interfaces the developments  to sponsors and owners

ü Has overall accountability for the whole project.

Committee: Michelle Marrs, Support

Tony Coutts, Finance.

Joe Smith, M&S

ü The team Provide’s help in resolving issues that arise beyond the project manager’s jurisdiction.

ü Monitor the progress of the project and provide any necessary tools and/or support when milestones are in jeopardy.


Gerry Sammis, IT department.

ü With the project based in his field, He is the quality assurance for the company.

Team Members: Jerry will, Mercy Earle, John , Bob A, Hassan, j. Cole, Brad F, Mariam C,

Jack L.

ü Project team members who analyzes, design and ultimately improve the filing system.  They collaborate with t to develop high level process designs and models,

ü Identify opportunities and seize them while sealing any loopholes the system could have. They challenge the old rules and simulate a new system that will replace the older paper files.

2.3 Project relationship to the organization’s objectives and other projects

ü The e-filing system will improve Domestic, Regional, and International Visibility of Purple’s thus meeting the objective of being a world class company.

ü Increase the number Purple registered Clients.

ü Will convert Purple’s paper-based filings to an e-filing process.

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