Leadership Style


Leadership has both the formal and informal types. These depend on where a person is exercising their authority or power. Several things contribute to a successful leader, and these might include the type of leadership style a person utilizes, which is acquired through education, training or life experiences. The world has many leaders, as there are leadership styles. Barrack Obama forms an example of a democratic leader as his country depicts the world’s largest democracy. It is essential to note that leaders have different traits. Thus, both behavior and traits contribute to a successful leader.

This paper explicates what forms successful leadership and traits that such leaders possess.

A person that has exceptional leadership style should have being educated, trained or learned them through life experiences. Thus, a person that uses democratic form of leadership is the one that has a successful leadership style. This is because democratic leadership takes into account the needs of workers because it realizes that their motivation emanate from internal motivations and impulses. With the worker’s motivation and impulses taken into consideration, this promises the achievement of the set goals. Barrack Obama is the president of the United States and uses the democratic type of leadership. Obama’s democratic nature is depicted by the peace and the unity that the country exhibits despite it having people from different ethnic and racial backgrounds.

My leadership style compares to that of Barrack Obama because I factor in every person’s opinion as I believe they have an essential message that they want to put across. Tolerance of divergent views is also essential and it needs a clear research before engaging a person in quarrelling because of their divergent views. In addition, I posses patience, which is a virtue in most cases as some people are quick to anger those in leadership positions because of their irrational comments or actions. According to Sullivan & Decker (2009), a successful leader uses majority rule, and this is my characteristic that matches Obama’s.

Barrack Obama has several traits that I need to develop. Firstly, he is intelligent, and that is why he was able to convince the electorate to vote for him in the past elections. Personally, I can not rule out being intelligent, but Obama’s intelligence is inspiring because it made him the preferred candidate in a country with many racial groups, secondly, he is confident, which helps him handle dire situations with calmness. This is a much admirable trait that defines a leader especially when faced with adversity. Thirdly, Obama depicts ambition, which according to Elsevier Inc (2007), promises the success of the person under the leader.

My flexibility can be inspiring to my leader’s choice. Flexibility is essential to a leader as it promotes decisiveness especially when a situation has gone out of hand. I am also aggressive, and this can be helpful to Obama because he deals with leaders from other countries that tend to be aginst change or what the masses stand for.

In conclusion, leadership differs from management in various aspects. There are two types of leadership, which include formal and informal. There is trait and behavioral theories that explain a successful leader. Sullivan & Decker (2009) point out different leadership styles such as democratic, laissez faire, autocratic, and bureaucratic forms of leadership. However, it is essential to note that a successful leader possesses both trait and behavioral characteristics. For instance, my choice of a successful leader Barrack Obama utilizes democratic type of leadership. In addition, he possesses traits that ensure his success as a leader, and these include confidence, ambition, and intelligence. Some of the traits that I possess that can be borrowed by my choice of a successful leader include aggressiveness and flexibility.

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