Environmental Proposal


Environment is essence of emergence. Business environment is most considerable in the organizational growth from every aspect. Environment derives the organizational behavior, bouncing and betterment in team work, moreover, achieving the organizational goal with right spirit. The organizations cannot bear any rough environment which promote bad behavior of employees and affect the organizational persona   (Hersey & Kenneth, 1996)         

Environment and innovation:

Any organization cannot persist innovation without professional and peaceful environment. The big organization with large number of employees has to be more careful, big ones cannot bear the nonprofessional environment. Nonprofessional environment ultimately enhance the ghastly behavior within the organization and it by default promote the insecurity and rational in the employees which finally will damage the image and business of the organization.

The selected virtual organization:

The selected organization Riordan manufacturing engage in manufacturing plastic with over 550 employees. Organization has projected annual earnings of $46 million. The company has its headquarters in San Jose California and has three production plants in Georgia, Michigan and China. The products include plastic beverage containers, customer plastic parts, and plastic fan parts.

Environment proposal for selected organization:

As the selected organization Riordan has huge setup and expanded into multi production plants. Therefore, it is important to implement equal environment to the whole organization also should evaluate the procedures resource management after a specific timeframe. Normally huge organizations eradicate the gap between employee and employer to implement a strong system of feedback to setup coordinative environment within the organization. The feedback or memos erect the daily, weekly, or monthly interaction between management and resources. It will ultimately give the right environment and enthusiasm to the management as well as employees to streamline the energies and achieve the goals with placing the right teams into right directions.

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