Development of a Communication Database Management System in an Organization

Database management system is one of the computer based record keeping system with a purpose of recording data in a data dictionary. Data dictionary is located in a data warehouse in which the process of empirical data analysis or coding is done allowing for the extrapolation of information in a process called data mining. While the data is being processed, data validation normally takes place to allow the user input avoid errors. In the recent past, code of ethics in the development of the system has changed due to the technology. One of the outstanding ethics to be considered is the design of the system considering the fact that there are numerous computeraided design software packages in use in the process of development but the one which is in discussion is the computeraided manufacturing (CAM) which include such material like Apple and ControlData. When introducing a computer network in the system, and especially a communication satellite, a control structure should be put in place. Considering the worlds, World Wide Web explosion in the development of a database system or the wiki, web authoring software is in place to enable the users use the web with ease especially when dealing with issues of customer relation management. Furthermore, to ease the use of the web, a Web-Based Training is delivered over the Internet in the World Wide Web through an http protocol. When developing a wireless application protocol in the system, choice of a wireless markup language in the definition of the layout and appearance of the site is another factor to be put in place. Such devices like the wireless access point can be in use to facilitate the connection of the various wireless communication devices or a compilerthat translates a source program written in some high-level programming language can used.

When the system is complete with a computer network introduced, ways of preventing computer crimes, computer worms, and user’s internet addiction should be put in place. Such ways include the use of a computer hoax and avoiding any copyright of the software in the system.

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