Free Verse Poem


Every day and night the clock ticks, seconds, minutes, hours, days, years

Each time a new addition in his belt, to some he is the sum of dreams,

His life a complex equation, devoid of a lasting solution,

Each casting year, lies multiplied in every ear, honesty subtracted.

To him truth is for division, into fractions of negligible truths.

To each he allocates a function, their values determined for his additions.

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For numerators infinity ever preferred, denominators always zero for them,

Every morning he counts his blessings, dividing his gains from his losses.

No one knows the multiplications of his deception, his greed exponential.

Corruption added in his heart poverty multiplied in his people.

Compassion subtracted from his mind equals to hunger and anger,

He adds his ambitions, multiplies them with dishonesty,

Good nature subtracted peoples toil divided conveniently.

An evil leader knows only to subtract from his people earnings,

He is mean and lean, with a mean greater than everyone's mode,

His average a day is more than the median can dream of.

His palace a function of the people's taxation and income distribution,

Always multiplying his dreams, each year adding to his gluttonous self,

A true leader has to know and understand the sum of his actions.

His people a positive force, their needs inversely proportional to his dedication,

His duties qualitative and goodwill quantitative, their gratitude exponential,

A principled leader adds his blessings to theirs, subtracting their misgivings.

Each day he divides his attention between their needs and his wants.

Ever multiplying their well-being, the margin of error in their lives diminished.

His dream expanding, their problems factorizing, the possibilities are infinity.

A true leader is selfless his nature is minus selfishness.

His people an added priority, their blessings multiplied,

Their worries subtracted from their lives fortunes divided accordingly.

A strong leader adds a lousy leader subtracts,

A hardworking leader multiplies, a lazy leader divides.

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