Gunner Myrdal

Gunner Myrdal was an author who dealt with the living conditions of black Americans during a time of racism. Black Americans lived under harsh conditions because of the racial discrimination they received from the white Americans. During the first half of twentieth century black American lived under harsh conditions. Gunner Myrdal referred black Americans as Negroes. He was for their removal from United States.

The Americans believed black people were a problem in their nation and thus their removal was desirable. Gunner Myrdal was also for it but in the right manner without use of excessive force. By this he meant that hostility should not be applied. Americans had agreed that if the black people were to be removed they should be removed slowly. To Americans black people are inferior as race .They were seen as a problem and the higher their population the bigger the problem. They were also seen as non performers who added to economic problem (Myrdal, 1944).

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Gunner Myrdal refers to the problems of black people as a strain to the white Americans. Their problems such as economic and social problems were a strain to Americans as they lived together. This lead to their problems being Americans responsibility which lead to straining them. High population of Negroes meant a great strain factor to Americans thus they had to be removed to ease the strain on America's economics and social amenities. Black people were believed to strain the education offered to Americans and thus their schools were separated. Negroes had low standards of living when it came to education, health and living conditions. Black people were considered to occupy most o space in the United States and this was a strain to American people .Blacks were also considered  to be of low morality  compared to Americans and this was also a strain to Americans (Myrdal, 1944).

After the Americas civil war which was caused due to slavery, south was destroyed. The reconstruction period came at a time of struggle for civil rights and black power. The Americans and black workers were divided depending on their races during the war and they could not work together again. Due to this division American and black poor laborers could no longer stand together to defeat the rich Americans who seemed more superior .According to Du bois this was a failure to reconstruction and a rise to injustices to black people. Du bois was for the uniting together of black and the Americans in effort to reconstruct the economy of southern states.

Black people and poor Americans were the slaves in the southern states and they had refused to work. Black reconstruction meant rebuilding the economy and political systems of black people. Education systems of black people were also to be recreated as they were destroyed during the war .Du boius considered this to be of political benefit to America. The government of American people had already reconstructed all their systems like education, economy and health systems leaving out black American systems. The black people were the ones that were used as slaves to reconstruct the southern states. Du bois termed this as ill treatment of people and racism .Black people did not benefit from the reconstruction (Du Bois 1935).

According to Gunner Myrdal and Du bois, theory of social construction of reality can be described as the attempt to rebuild black Americans independence and gain self esteem after a period of racial discrimination and slavery they experienced. This means the Americans have to come to reality and realize all people are equal and should be treated equally without discrimination on basis of color, race or land of origin. The Americans have to come to reality that they must co-exist with the black people.

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