Electromagnetic Waves and Human Health

After studying module readings, the nature of electromagnetic waves seems clearer to me. Moreover, it is generally known that low-frequency waves (X-ray, gamma rays and others) can damage the human health. The most widespread damage done by these waves is sunburns due to ultraviolet radiation transferred by the sunlight. However, the fact that X-rays and gamma rays are widely used in medicine is very confusing (Shipman, Wilson, & Todd, 2009).). If electromagnetic waves are used for medical treatment (i.e. they may cure illnesses), how could they be dangerous to the health? Thus, the controversy of this issue becomes evident.

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In my opinion, the most convincing argument, proving that electromagnetic waves are harmful, is the fact that even patients, who are treated by electromagnetic waves, should be protected from their influence. For example, when taking the picture of the bones, one should use lead aprons in order to protect parts of the body being scanned. Furthermore, due to potential danger, ultrasound can be used for examining the body instead of X-rays.

On the one side, taking into account these facts, I have made a conclusion that electromagnetic waves are indeed dangerous to human health. On the other side, the fact that the hazardous effect of electromagnetic radiation is not clearly proved convinces me that the impact of these waves is not that dangerous. In the reading, electromagnetic waves are said to be “potentially dangerous,” and this sounds as “not dangerous.” In addition, the fact that these waves are used everywhere in our daily lives and in different forms only strengthens my confidence that electromagnetic waves’ danger is extremely exaggerated.

Considering the above-mentioned, I think that electromagnetic waves do have an effect on the human health. I see this effect on my skin every summer when I get sunburns. Thus, I tend to believe that radiation transmitted by electromagnetic waves is hazardous to the human health, but in definite doses.

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