The Revolution in the Exploration

Technology has enabled man to travel far and wide. It has been possible to make a number of explorations to far off planets. It has been possible to explore the space and other planets that surround the earth. The space explorations have been able to take man to the moon and as such made it possible for studies on the moon to be possible. Down on the planet earth, there have been equally a number of explorations and studies which have been undertaken. Much of these studies have concentrated on the dry landmasses leaving out the ocean which takes an amazing seventy five percent of the surface cover. Lack of advanced technology has often been the excuse for exploring the oceans to a less extent as compared to similar explorations which have been carried on the land surfaces. However, it has often been argued that lack of technology is just an excuse for lack of exploration on the oceans the real reason being insufficient funding in this area of explorations. In the recent two and half decades there has some progress made on the ocean explorations attempts  leading to discovery of some interesting facts such as chemosynthesis. Inventions ranging from sonar systems to both manned and unmanned deep diving submersibles have made it possible for ocean explorations especially deep sea exploration possible to be carried out. This research paper examines the evolution in the deep-sea exploration and the impact it has brought on the scientific community.

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Significance of the study

This research is quite relevant at this particular time when there are struggles to reverse the effects that industrialization has brought about the need for deep sea exploration should be treated as urgent considering the effect that global warming and rising water level may have on the deep sea marine life.  To carry the research literature review has been used to collect data on the deep sea exploration. The paper makes use of credible literature sources to bring the facts in a simple and coherent writing.

It must be appreciated that deep sea exploration has made significant steps from very low ample beginnings of twine and cannon balls soundings to surveying the oceans from the space and using of robots in the exploration of then ocean depths. Advanced instruments have been developed which provide quite high resolution effects and three dimensional images of the deep ocean floors. Samples of the oceans floor materials have been collected which have given great amount of information on the ocean floors and life in the ocean floor (National Geography Society 5). Through the use of seismic waves it has been possible for the seabed to be studied including the rocks beneath it (Pinet and Bois 44). The invention of great instruments has made it possible for more information to be revealed about the earth: the deep ocean has been shown to be a dynamic geological environment.

Though much of the ocean floor is yet to be explored, learning institutions have made great attempts to reveal the depths of the ocean floors. For instance, the Deep Sea Exploration Institute (DSEI) is one of the institutes at the fore front of studying the ocean depths. Then institute claims that it, “promotes development of deep-sea technology, including vehicles, sensors, and seafloor observatories, to establish a continuous, long-term exploratory presence in the deep ocean” (DSEI 1). The institute claims that the earth and its oceans are components of, “dynamic, interacting system—all set in motion by underlying forces at work in deeper layers of our planet” (DSEI 1). DSEI (2010) seeks to understands the operations of the deep seas and find out any links to the whole earth system: “the Institute seeks to learn how the entire Earth system works by investigating the planetary processes that shape Earth's surface, regulate the chemistry of its oceans, and affect its inhabitants” (DSEI 1). Remote sensing equipment have been greatly used in mapping the oceans floors. 

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