Historical and Contemporary Experiences of Women

The position of women has been changing from the historical times with women coming from a state of a mere object in the historical times to more significance and highly competitive roles in today’s society. Even though higher percentage of the women is still suffering the consequences of gender imbalance in many nations especially the Muslim women, the situation has greatly changed.

Women’s role in the economies has been changing over the times. The old slogan such as every woman is a working woman and an older saying that “men work from sun to sun while women’s work is never done” shows a double role of women both in the domestic chores and in the public world of work. This still holds to date as women are still largely domestic oriented especially those living in the rural places (Shaw & Janet, 2009).

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Traditionally, women were not incorporated into war. They remained behind to look after the children and cook while the men went to war (Dubois, 2009). More recently, some women heads of state have led their people to war while many more are being recruited into various states’ military all over the world. The women’s participation in reform movements of various societies has also improved with more women joining or forming trade unions. Dubois (2009) indicated that this role was originally conceived as an extension of women’s role as homemakers when reform was called housekeeping. Considering fashion, cultures have differentiated female from males fashion throughout history.

The 21st century women still don’t have the same rights as men and they still have slim opportunity to climb the ladder to key positions in the society (Dubois, 2009). An example is that though women today have the right to equal pay in many countries, in reality they earn less than men for the same job (Dubois, 2009). Even though the ratio of educated women to that of men is still low, the number of women with high percentage of women climbing the education ladder to the degree level and taking up careers that were initially left for men suggests some change.  

The status of women has also greatly improved over time. Various governments are now passing various legislations and amending their laws to eliminate any kind of discrimination against the women. Women participation in politics has also increased with many joining parliaments. Psychologically, the women self esteem has also improved because today’s women have more sense of equality in the society as compared to the traditional woman (Dubois, 2009).

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