Cultural Interactions

It is evident that culture is dynamic whose changes are normally gradual but mostly constant. Today, it is has been experienced that, due to increased mobile population cultural interactions have intensified. Nurses have greatly been affected by these intense cultural interactions since it is their duties to deliver care either with or without culture and diversification. Due to this fact, nurses have seen the need to incorporate cultural literature in their studies as a way in which they will be able to understand the different health behaviors and beliefs.

Brown (2008) asserts that, as an essential approach to better health care nurses need to have the thrill in the changing culture and diversification.  Culture and diversification can vary and related to age, religion, socioeconomic status, race and various ethnicity backgrounds. In this paper I will use my personal experience to explain the need of incorporating culture and diversity in nursing.

As a stronger believer of the catholic faith and being a mental health nurse, I recently had an encounter with a Muslim patient that really enlightened me to get deep in their culture and diversification. From records it is indicated that there are about 1.57 billion Muslim across the world. These Muslims have been crossing over boundaries carry along with their spiritual practices and legal structures. It all started when my Muslim patient kept on asking assistance from Muslim legal experts especially when faced with challenges around health care decisions.

It came to my attention that it was their belief that when discussing various therapeutic issues there supposed to ask for assistance for their religion Supremes. The Muslim ethic legal structure known as the Shari- ah by the Muslim community require them to first seek for knowledge and understanding before seeking for any medical assistance. Muslim patients and medical practitioners are supposed to refer to this ethic legal structure before ant thing.

Other than the ethic legal structure, the issue of dress code arise when I will in the verge of treating my patient. In the Quran, men and women are advised to lower their gape by guarding or protecting their modesty (Brown, 2008). My female patient was very adamant in me trying to give her an injection; it was then that I realized that women were not allowed to display their bodies especially to their male counterpart unless he was his husband.  The head covering and the wearing of long clothes prevented their male counterparts’ from having any form of sexual desire. It was through my thorough discussion with her that I got to understand that by administering the injection to her it would lower her honor and dignity towards her colleagues.  

The Quran went ahead elaborating that a Muslim woman may be allowed to uncover part of her body that is from her navel and knees just in the presence of another Muslim woman. I was forced to go and look for a Muslim nurse so that my patient can agree to be administer5ed with the injection. Since of my profession as a mental nurse, I wanted to carry out some CT scan on my patient head, this examination brought some confrontation between me and the patient. My patient protested stating that she was only supposed to remove her veil over their bosoms only to her husband, father, son, father in law in short only those men who are related to her.  This was the most challenging cultural aspect due to the fact that we only had a Christian doctor in our CT scan department.

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