The Art of War by Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu was a high ranking military officer in Wu kingdom, China, and was very active at the end of sixth century. BC. He developed an art of war which he believed that will lead every Amy to success. The art is composed of thirteen chapters which define military tactics and strategies of its time. Sun Tzu thought that decisions and strategies that influence army positioning should be based on physical environment objective condition and subjective beliefs from other actors in the environment (Tzu & Gile, 2009).

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The strategies of sun Tzu art of war include laying out plans and calculating which should focus on elements such as seasons, way, terrain, management and leadership. The planning should consider elements that will determine military engagement outcome. He also emphasized waging war where he describes a successful military as one which will limit the cost of conflict and competition. Third strategy of Sun Tzu is attack by stratagem and identifies factors that lead to success of an engagement . Sun Tzu also explains importance of tactical dispositions which depict that commanders should not create a loophole for the enemies. He purports that military energy as proper use of creativity and timing and also illustrates weak points, strength and reality by showing how relative weakness of enemies can create opportunities.

Sun Tzu points out risks of direct conflict and offers procedures for such confrontations in engaging war and teaches on variation in tactics and need for flexibility. In his strategy, Sun Tzu describes Army on the march which detail situation that Amy may find itself in while crossing enemies’ territory and how to respond to them (Tzu & Gile, 2009). According to sun Tzu terrain positioning, will include areas of resistance such as barriers, distance and dangers while terrains includes stages from scattering and deadly and what the commander need to focus in order to succeed. In his view general use of weapons, attack by fire is a good art of war and advises military to develop dependable information sources through use of intelligence. Sun Tzu believes that these are important strategies that will lead to success of military forces.

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