Critical Thinking

We live in an age where people have a fascination for the idea of helplessness. People keep watching the news about hurricanes, terrorists and epidemics like SARS, which make them feel helpless. This trigger emotional motivation to want to be on the safe side by taking precautionary measures from the things they can, for example, buying a SUV car because it is safe without considering other external risks. They also learn to deal with death through religious conventions, ceremonies and rituals to assure them emotional motivation to live.

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According to Malcom Gladwells reflections, the popularity of SUVs resonates with white noise. Risks posed to life are outside our control. People cannot account for unexpected events. Consumer behavior has led to illusions of people being safe and living for long. Buying the Explorer does not grant security because it is above the ground as the marketers praise it. Monitoring a chemical cloud without protection; because statistics state that some people are not affected is irrational and dangerous. That irrational thinking causes losses. People should be open to what is in front of them and think for themselves.

This freedom is achievable through critical thinking before doing anything. Consumers should examine and discover for themselves. Disaster preparedness does not prevent the disaster from occurring, the failure of people to act after that is the cause of the loss. They should not let emotional factors such as fear, desire for power or prestige hinders them from making rational decisions. Spontaneous and serendipitous learning in the real world is more effective than what the consumer behavior advocates for.

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