I am going to start with introducing my affection for my favorite character Tintin and the world of this comic script. Being one the first parts of my early life, Tintin is like an evocation of my childhood. Many others also think in the same way as I do. Humor is the element I liked the most in this character.

In fact humor is the basic thing which associated me with it and taught me the sense of humor I have now. I experienced cultures of different civilizations  from those holidays.  Tintin instantaneously evokes a long gone era of chilhood within me and a nostalgia takes me back there. I can still feel that satisfaction I used to have in my childhood by reading the humorous strip.

The book "Tintin in Tibet" greatly affected me and left a deep impact on my mind. It opened the case of Tibet in front of me and I was moved to become an advocate of people who are oppressed and defend their liberty.

I have become a strong supporter of human rights and activist because I grew up in a family that's is an ardent admirer of helping the needy and doing charitable deeds. In order to fight against poverty and child abuse, I actively worked with NGSs and private associations. Child labor was the one of the main issues I focused. It was a greatest experinece and learning of my life.

It touched my feelings and taught me the importance of a child. I have come to the point that the children are the most important asset and priceless resource of our nation. We should invest in our children rather than searching for material resources like gold or petrol. Investing in children is like investing in our future because they are our future.

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