The Paradigm

The safety consists of lot of things such as precaution before work, safety equipotent after injury. The safety is first it is true because if you do any kind of work you should be aware that you will face any kind of danger. The safety is very essential because if you would not prevent from the subjective things you should be aware of it that any might of difficulties you should faced. The safety is made for humans because the life of human is very precious. The human nature is that we cannot take precautions before starting the new assignments. The author describes in this book what kind of misconception about the paradigm.

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There are many paradigm described in this book but we will define the only ten out of twenty. The first misconception about is that the safety is first. Let make consider the example if the person take any precisions he made himself safe but this saying is not true because safety does not mean that the person feel safe from accident. If the person gets injured he will injured because safety makes help in such sense that damages is less. The 1st paradigm defines that the misconception is that human nature feels that is you take precautions you will free from accident but it is not true. The safety does not belongs to the death but it differs that the damages happens less rather than the death. 

The safety means only is that you feel free but it does not shows that you are out of danger. No matters the safety consist of many things but if damage is in your destiny you should hit. The person take care of himself so it is easier for a person to take precaution as preferred rather than the accident happens.

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