Ron McKinnon

The important aspect in the book by author Ron C. McKinnon "Paradigm" is that there are no cop outs in safety. It means that when you will be prepared for the next you have done you always take precautions before starting the new work. When the person is not aware about the rationale of the work he never done his work because he cannot imagine any accident could take place. The accident happens only when the precaution should not take place. The desired work has been done when the safety has been done.

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The work will be completed when you cannot prepare the initials but the chances of accident raises. The more positive you thought the best you will done. The perfect thoughts are not the important one for any person but it is more important on when any person tried to settle the work. The safety is more important but as the thoughts must be clears because you cannot do your work when you feel positive. The thoughts must be clear so the path of the person is also clear. The right path must consider when there is no hurdle raises in it. The work place is also important aspect for the safety purpose of the work. Beside all of the above aspect the moral of the person is more important rather than the activity. 

The work has been done with the safety precautions. The safety does not belongs to the death but it differs that the damages happens less rather than the death.  The safety means only is that you feel free but it does not shows that you are out of danger. No matters the safety consist of many things but if damage is in your destiny you should hit. The person take care of him so it is easier for a person to take precaution as preferred rather than the accident happens.  

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