From Orientalism

The book entitled “From Orientalism” portrays two sets of summarized ideas. These ideas include Orient and Occident. Edward Said describes the two ideas in his book based on Vicko’s observation. Orient and Occident are geographical ideas which are closely related and supportive of each other (Said, 2007). The author has used various justifications in this book to affirm the originality of these two phenomenons.

Orient does not just occur ambiguously by nature. Its availability is similar to that of Occident. In the geographical aspect of view, Orient and Occident are founded by man. Orientalism does not exist in the archival column because of its representation in the political and cultural realms. The orient content of orientalism is a system framing of framed representation into the western learning as well as the western empire.

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Orient and occident are associated with many assumptions. These assumptions are considered by the numerous phenomena associated with the definitions. In addition to this, various mythologies are applied to explain the artistic genius. The European awareness of Orient brought about the transformation from textual and contemplative form (Hay, 2006). Later, this forms turned into military, administrative and even economic.

Both the Occident and Orient originate from a reconstruction done by the orientalists. This reconstruction was done to ensure transformation into the current state. The oriental forms initially believed to have been in Europe had associations with political as well as imaginative issues. The essence of politics and imaginations resulted into disconnection between the Orient knowledge and its experience.

The most diverse form of Orient is the static male. The diversity is witnessed by the different forms assumed by this orientism in the 19th century. The oriental male has remained in a state of isolation for long within the inhabitant community where he stayed.

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