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Three Branches of Government

In the USA there is a government at the national and state levels, and at these phases, there are three divisions of supremacy, namely legislative, executive and judicial. The following paper seeks to analyze the differences and similarities between the Texas state and the U.S. federal government.

The main variance is that at the federal level all executives are selected by the majority of people who elect their preferred candidate, but from each state two elected senators are selected who represent their concerned state in the U.S. structure assembly (Lieberman 31). At state level, on the one hand, the executive branch comprises many offices where representatives are selected by the majority of voters residing in Texas. At the state level, executive department is composed of governor, attorney general and the lieutenant governor of Texas State who is selected by the governor (Mayhew 41).

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The second arm of the U.S. government is legislative, and it is seen in the form of House of Representatives and senator who together comprise the legislature of the country (Lieberman 63). Therefore, two senators from each state represent themselves on behalf of their states in the main body of the legislature. In Texas, legislative authority is bestowed in the House of Representatives and a senator who form the legislature of the state. The senator either in the U.S. government or state level is elected for the term of four years (Mayhew 15).

 The judicial branch of the U.S. government and Texas government is vested in the Supreme Court, a court of felonious appeals, and other courts which represent the state level courts and also frame the major judgment policy about the ferocious criminal cases. At the state level (Texas), many lower and district courts assist state to make the judgment about the cases associated with violation of rules, murders and other sorts of offenses (Lieberman 52).

To sum up, the national government is responsible for coining money, declaring war, conducting foreign affairs, overseeing interstate and foreign trade and so on while the Texas state government is responsible for approving amendments, handling public health care, controlling trade within the state and overseeing issues associated to education among others.

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