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Gun Violence

The information comes from the “Children and Guns in Guns Who Should Have Them” a book by Kopel DB and publication was done in New York by Prometheus Books.  The role of street crime and gun violence in the United States is currently a topic of great debate among the United Nations. Since the Second Amendment, the United States Constitution takes care of the right of individual in American general public to own private firearms; accessibility of firearms is larger in the United States than in other nations, except perhaps in Switzerland and Israel.

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I think that the public health researchers have decried that injuries as a result of violence with firearms affect suspiciously adolescents and older children; sadly, quite a huge number of these deaths occur in young adults and teenagers. In the year 2002 only, suicides accounted for sixteen thousands deaths; homicides for about ten thousands, eight hundred and one; and unintentional injuries (unintended shootings) for another seven hundred and seventy six deaths.

In my opinion, criminological and legal text shows that the self-protective uses of guns by the members of public amount to about 2.5 m uses per annum and dwarf the offensive firearm uses by criminals. About twenty five out of seventy five lives are saved by a fire arm for every life that might be lost to a gun (Kopel DB, 1995). Cost of medical that is saved by firearms in the hands of honest citizens are fifteen times more than costs experienced by criminal uses of guns. Firearms also put off injuries to innocent people and protect millions of dollars of citizen and government properties every year.

From my own research, I have realized that children who use guns with supervision from parent, as far as target and shooting hunting, are less liable to commit street crimes and violent act than children who have no fire arms in their homes. All the blame should therefore be passed to the parent who should be urged to stop inculcating this bad culture.

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