Honesty is the Best Policy

Honesty is the way to live life serenely with soul contentment. If anything even little one happen by honest means, it really glad honest person and he really feel the best in the world. On the other hand, if anything happen by the dishonest means, it not only does not enchant you but also it remains the thing as thing not a part of your soul even it is a big achievement of your life.

Honesty is virtue and dishonesty is value. If someone goes with the concept of virtue, he will never being beaten in any case at anytime. On the other hand, if someone goes with the concept of value, he will never achieve the virtue but he will remain a value and a worldly. Hereinafter, with value you can increase materialistic satisfaction and with virtue you can achieve moral satisfaction.

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Hence, truth lives always and a universal truth cannot be shutdown by any reasoning. Because, it is the truth which isn’t made up artificially but it come forward after universal experience. Moreover, it is saved in form of quote for the coming generations to raise them as virtue not the value, because, virtue is the actual worth.

It is fact that money is integral part of living, one who disintegrates money from his life he is not living but passing his time. At the same time, money never demands you to be dishonest; it’s your innate greediness which insists you to be a dishonest. However, dishonesty will give you much but not a single minute of affection, association and affluence.

With the dishonest means you can get a costly birthday cake on your friend’s birthday, but, you can’t put affection, association and affluence in the cake to make it mesmerizing one but you can make it materialistic one which shows the value not the virtue. So, everything with honest means have virtue and anything with dishonest means have only value; value is temporal and virtue is eternal.

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