Government Functions


According to Bedesky (2009), government is defined as the means through which the state policy is implemented, as well as the technique for determining the state’s policy. Governments serve various states in a continuous succession. The successive governments are made up of a privileged and specialized body of individuals who are the only people concerned with political decision making as they are separated by organization and status from the entire population (Sobel & Tanzey, 1999). The main functions of a government include: forming a perfect union; establishing justice; insuring domestic tranquility; promoting the general welfare; providing public commodities and services such as vaccination programs, infrastructure, subsidized housing, public utilities, public education, disaster relief, basic healthcare, and public works for the well-being of the entire community; providing for the common defense; and securing the blessings of liberty to the citizens and their posterity (Lader, 2008). The most important human interactions and needs such as fair allocation of resources, public services, human rights, peace and physical environment, will be negatively affected if the primary functions of the government are destabilized.

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Description of functions of the government

Forming a perfect union refers to the brotherhood of different states or colonies so that defense is provided. A perfect union will allow for prosperity and domestic tranquility afterwards. There was a likelihood of the states to be attacked when they were separate. Therefore, they created a union between them to accomplish their independence as well as to protect themselves against the French and the British Government (Lader, 2008). Establishment of justice refers to putting in place a system of law that is equitable so that to protect all citizens within a given nation, and which distributes justice equitably and impartially. This makes it possible to put criminals behind bars so that the citizens are protected from harm. Establishment of justice allows the citizens to have fun provided that they cannot misuse their freedom. Insuring domestic tranquility means that the government should keep peace within the borders of a nation by use of police forces, and the National Guard. The police force enforces the laws of a district, for instance a city, town, country, or state. The National Guard refers to the way of states to participate in their right to own a militia (Mathews, 1934). In this case the family is considered to be the basic unit of a society and therefore its preservation is given the highest priority. Securing the blessings of liberty to the citizens and their posterity is another function of government.

According to Lader (2008), the blessings of liberty refers to the freedom of citizens to do as they please, to worship as they see fit, to say what they want, and to live without any fear of an oppressive government. The citizens’ posterity refers to their descendants who will also enjoy the freedom that has been attained. Providing for the common defense refers to the responsibility of a government to maintain the military force to ensure that the citizens’ lives are protected from invasion. It is the responsibility of the government to provide an army to react to any threat for the safety of the citizens. The necessary things that the government provides for the defense of a nation include: Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marines, which protect the citizens from foreign enemies (Mathews, 1934). Instability of these functions will be the cause of uncomfortable lives of citizens within the borders.

When the union between states or colonies is not perfect, there is in an increased likelihood of the individual states to be attacked. Instability of justice establishment will result in impartial and inequitable treatment to citizens. District laws will not enforced effectively if there is no stability in insuring the domestic tranquility and therefore, there will be no peace within the borders. If the government cannot stably secure the blessing of liberty, both the citizens and their posterity will not have enough freedom within their own country. A state will be attacked by the foreign enemies if the common defense of the state is not stable. Governments should ensure the stability of their functions for smooth lives of citizens within the national borders.

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