Anomie Theory

Discussion Board: Anomie as a Result of a Windfall

A constructivist vision on the society and individuals living in it by Emile Durkheim presupposes that anomie may simply occur where there is a lack of social regulation and morale. His construct of social suicide has many points to state it so evident today. On both macro and micro levels anomie is a result of deregulation of the society regarding stratification and degradation of the human nature (Tiryakian, 2009).

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The story of Shefik Tallmadge, a former lottery winner, proves the standpoints of the Durkheim’s anomie for several reasons (Fusaro, 2007). First of all, having a windfall, he could hardly know where to start from. Mentality gave him a push toward spending money in order to have things he had never had before. Second, he felt huge pressure on the part of his relatives and friends who asked him for mere financial help. The result is that he came out to be friendless (Fusaro, 2007). Third, poor decision-making approaches lead toward bankruptcy. The moment when Tallmadge’s trouble started was when he refused to make a stop and think of a well-polished and well-defined schedule of afterwards actions.

With regards to Christian tradition, it is well known that silver (money) rule the material world, but with such a gift from above there should be particular wisdom of how to manage those resources into more benefits. Thereupon, as far as I am from middle class, I need to have practical knowledge of what makes people higher in the stratification ladder. The thing is that anomie can be omitted if one follows right decision making little by little. If one values the little he/she has at the time, it will be a great experience for valuing the more God is able to give from above. Thus, a set of consultations with trainers and rich people would be an asset to go outside my social class with no stance of anomie on this pathway at all.

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