The Ideal High School essay

School plays a very vital role in the student’s life. A developing child passes through different phases during his school years. His needs change over time. So, a school must meet the cognitive, socio-emotional and physical needs of a child. He grows during school years. A high school must meet the varying needs of time and his age. Different people have different view about the design of an ideal school. There are different ideas about basic design i-e at what time of the day it should start, what type of physical setting it should have, and what grades suite for a high school.

The high school I have created includes 10 grades and has a building. The school starts at 8:30 am.  The reason for setting this school time is that it is neither too early; like 7:00 am in some schools; nor too late. It is balanced time and is perfect for this reason. Research says that adolescents have a natural tendency towards sleeping late. They need enough sleep and 8:30 will not be very early if they sleep at 12, they can sleep for 7 hours before going to school. When students and teachers will have had enough sleep, they will not be tired and It will enhance their learning and efficiency respectively. A building for the growing students will be suitable because they must be treated in a different environment than colleges. The needs of students change from grade one to ten but this phase is considered as a related one.

School is open 5 days a week. I also spend maximum time in school to deal with the studies related issues. Admissions are done on the basis of general test to judge the student’s aptitude and capabilities. My perception is that the school going child should learn discipline by practice and I consider dress code as an exercise to learn discipline. Due to this reason, I have a dress code in my school. My school does not offer freedom of class choices. I believe that the reward for hard work is guaranteed. The students should feel a sense of responsibility and take classes on regular basis. The school offers the students to participate in decision making process because their feedback is important to us. I want them to learn taking the position of a decision maker because we have to make decisions in life and they must learn it. Inviting them in suggesting the administration in making policies, encourage their mental growth.

Yes, I offer sex education in my school at senior level. It is very important to the growing adolescent to know what can be the outcomes of it. My aim is to educate them about sex because at this stage of life, their biological structure changes.

No, I offer integrated classes for both the sexes to eliminate the barrier of communication and understanding between them due to difference in sexes.

Yes, I require my students to sign an honor code for school. They will abide by the rules and regulations of the school as per their commitment in the contract.

I emphasize general purpose education in my school. Every student will not opt to become and engineer, doctor or account etc. But everybody is a social animal and must learn about general education. General education learnt during this stage will impact in shaping their personality and social standing.

Yes, I am an ardent supporter of a moral system in the school. As in school, the social pressures and interaction of a student increase, he must be prepared for that. A moral system will provide a framework or blueprint to follow while addressing social interaction and will direct the emotional growth of the student in the positive direction.

My school encourages interaction my class participation, group work and social gatherings. Yes, the high-school face book page is encouraged to enhance social communication and networking. We don not allow laptops in class. Classes are utilized by concentrating on class discussions and lectures. My school has competitive spots teams. Parents are involved by arranging spots contests and inviting the parents as audience. Dances are also arranged at school at different functions and parties. Students participate t explore and present their talent.

My school helps the students develop their identity by making choices and taking initiatives. Relaxed dress codes for dancing are not allowed. Peer mediators play the role of peace keepers at the school. They solve the issues and negotiate with the students to resolve their issues.

The Ideal High School essay

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