Should Homework be Banned? essay

Today the society is moving too fast and children have many demands placed upon them. Pupils are committed to advance their studies and learn as much as they can. Giving children homework is intended to enable them keep up with schoolwork and complete the syllabus. Interest groups blame homework for causing unnecessary stress and work for everyone. Students, parents, and teachers have different opinions regarding homework. However, to some it is unavoidable to catch up on absenteeism and to reinforce memorization of spelling, math, or vocabulary to the pupils who do not catch up quickly. The life of young children today is characterized by a lot of time spent studying, attending classes and achieving socially defined goals of success. To achieve this, teachers overwhelm pupils with too much homework in order to catch up with time. Homework in itself is well intended with many positive gains. It becomes a problem when it reduces a child’s social time inhibiting space for any other constructs.

Homework has very many benefits to education. For a school-going child, learning is what is expected of them. Homework helps to cultivate self-management skills and keeps children off negative influences. Homework also helps foster a child’s growth and mental development while boosting good academic results. The demands of the education system have put targets that children should aim at. Life also has its own expectations on an individual. Homework lets a child grow their self-confidence and independence.

Critiques of homework argue that children have fewer playtimes and that have much time dedicated to schoolwork. They argue that children need ample play to refresh their minds. The time they spend doing homework dulls them after a long day in school where they spend a whole day learning new things and relating with each other socially. Homework also takes up a child’s family time, which is essential for child’s family time. School in itself is stressful hence extending it at home may not be a very healthy. Lack of adequate bonding time with parents may lead to detachment symptoms to the child. Children may grow to dislike reading and become more antisocial and reserved in their later years. A child Homework issues can lead to many direct and indirect problems to a family especially when the resistance by the pupil is due to their overwhelming task.

In conclusion, there should be a mechanism to reduce the workload on children and still attain the same goals. There should be dialogue between teachers, parents, and pupils to ensure that individuals are targeted in accordance to their unique needs. The pupils should not feel punished when taking homework.

Should Homework be Banned? essay

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