Schools as Factories essay

Across the globe, assessment has become a tool for grading student’s performance. It is in this regard that some students manage to pursue good courses in their career progression whereas others fail to pursue further their dream career. Every country sets forth standards that must be achieved in the academic field. In response to this pressure, schools are likely to become exam factories, concentrating more on students passing their exams rather than learning hands on skills.

With such standards and benchmark being set by the government, schools struggle to meet the standards which can only be measured through student’s performance in exams. Due to lack of multiple assessment policy in place, students are graded depending on how they perform in their exams. It denies students an opportunity to be assessed in other criteria like how well they apply learnt skills as it happens through outdoor education.

Pressure to pass exams and maintain standards by the school is most likely to influence teachers on concentrating more on exam result as opposed to integrating and comprehending taught skills and concepts in a more long lasting manner. This has made many schools to become exam factories where they burden students with so many exams with aim of achieving the benchmark  Students on the other hand will put more effort on passing the exams since they understand their results would have a great influence in their career progression.

In Australian system of education, more attention in assessment focuses on spelling, numeracy, grammar and punctuation. An in-depth analysis on areas of focus, it is evident that such criterion leaves behind many areas of assessment. Also, these exams might fail to meet the objective since students performance can be influenced by a number of factors like stress, environment and cultural background.

To sum it all, schools should not be used as exam factories if at all education is to remain relevant. More criteria should be employed to embrace comprehensive assessment of students rather than only concentrating on passing of exams only.

Schools as Factories essay

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