Leadership & Service essay


Leadership refers to the practice of offering guidance and the process of social influence that one person or a group of people can solicit the help and support of other people, to accomplish certain goals. Quality and effective leadership offers a positive change to schools, families and communities. This paper looks at how my leadership and service has contributed to a positive change in school, family and the community.


My leadership in my school contributed towards bringing positive changes. Through the influence of my leadership, the school introduced certain guidelines that helped to improve curricular and co-curricular performance. Through the introduction of student-to-student group teaching, classroom performance of students improved considerably. I introduced motivational strategies that included rewarding the best performing students, in both classroom activities and sports. Students increased their motivation towards participating, in all school activities.

As the first born in my family, I had a role of offering leadership to my younger siblings. I had the responsibility of offering guidance and advice to them. This led to a positive change regarding how their performance in school and their character. Their school performance increased because my school performance and advice provided them with an example, to follow.

In my community, I volunteered to teach the Sunday school for toddlers. This helped many toddlers, in their spiritual life and influenced their behavior. Through that, the toddlers learnt the values that they would practice and avoid the vices. I took responsibility as the leader of a youth group through volunteering. The group had the mandate to help youths stop engaging in drug abuse and participate in constructive things. Through my leadership, we engaged in activities that would help us reach our target. The group participated in activities such as awareness workshops, motivational talks and money generating activities such as recording songs and selling them. This helped to ring many youths in to the group. Many of them abandoned drug abuse and started participating in constructive activities that the group offered. The group enabled the youth explore their ideas and bring new ideas that would help the group continue offering help to other youths.  Some of the youths who had left school went back.

My leadership will continue to make a positive change, in college and beyond judging by the fact that it has worked in the past. This will happen as long as an enabling leadership environment exists.


My leadership contributed in bringing positive changes that helped people, in school, family and the entire community.

Leadership & Service essay

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