Graduation from Middle School essay

Ooh my God! This day! Have waited for it, for so long. Graduating from middle class, that feels so good. Graduating from middle school feel good and bad at the same time and I should celebrate to recognize my academic efforts as well as knowing that growth is part of me, and am no longer a “teen.”

 This year is a memorable year for me, and I will never forget it for the rest of my life. It might not be the last year for me in school, however; it might be just the beginning. When summer comes, I will gladly leave this school, and will go to another school of high rank. In the new school, I will meet so many new things. For example, the school itself, the environment, the teachers, the curriculum, and I will be very happy to make new friends in my new school. I have made so many friends in this school, and I will miss them very much. I promise that, I will never forget them. Reaching to this memorable day of my life took me many years and I thank the almighty father for that.  I will remember every bit of my life in this school even if l go to a different school.

The school has been my second home for the many years I have lived in it, and nothing will ever change that. When I first came to this school for my admission, I went to the principal’s office so that I get admission.  I took a test which could determine my admission to the school. The test appeared very easy to me, and so it took me a fraction of a minute to finish it. I did test of different units. I passed so well that the principal gave me a present, and told me that I feel welcomed in the school, and he wished me all the best in my studies and stay in school. One of the memorable days in this school is a merit assembly of the 5th grade. I sat patiently among the audience waiting for my name to be called so as, to receive a present only to get a momentous rude shock. The principal finished calling out the names, and I felt very sad. Hardly had he finished calling out names for students who received a scholarship, when I heard my name. I felt so glad because at last I received the scholarship that I had wished for so long, and my dreams apparently came true.  I stood up very quickly and marched forward as fast as my bare foot could carry me because I thought if I hesitated my scholarship would go to someone else. No sooner had I ascended the stairs, than my parents just arrived in time. I received the scholarship and the principal shook my hand as I received it. It astonished so many people, and I felt so flabbergasted, and tears of melancholy cascaded down my chubby cheeks. I could not believe it. My parents told me to choose where I dreamt of visiting, and I felt so good.

 One of my funniest experiences in school has been in the computer lab. The computer teacher had given us an assignment. This assignment proved so hard there before that it took two classes for students to finish it. To the contrary part of it, I finished the assignment within a twinkle of an eye. I had skills in computer language, and the programming experience. This led me to the completion of the assignment very fast, and I had no error. The teacher gave me a bonus assignment immediately I completed my first assignment..She also helped other students who had problems, and told me to assist them too.  I frequently visited my friends who I practiced a skit with. We had fun, but our director practiced as so awful. We made it at last though not as the best play.

I will miss everything I have ever done or participated in the school, my teachers my friends, and the school itself. It will remain so fresh in my growing mind and will never forget.                                

Graduation from Middle School essay

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