Why Homosexual Adoption should be Encouraged essay


Homosexual is a sexual orientation which is normalcy characterized by sexual desire towards members of the same sex. This term typically implies an exclusive or principal sexual orientation towards persons of the same sex. It is mainly distinguished from bisexuality as well as heterosexuality. Therefore this term (homosexuality) is used for sexual behavior between people of the same sex ( same sex, u.d). His paper will look whether homosexual embracing should be positive, whether it makes kids to tern out to be homosexual and the facts relating to homosexual.

The term homosexual is used to refer to same sex orientation but this is further alienated by specific terms. For women, it refers to them as lesbians where they have gone auxiliary to refer themselves as queers. On the other hand men refer themselves as Gay. This behavior of homosexual has been currently removed from the American Psychiatric association’s list of mental disorder since this is been encouraged ( Catholic, u.d).  

The raising issue of homosexual has brought a debate on whether homosexual should be allowed. Researchers have argued that many factors come into play for one to develop this habit and it is not merely by interaction but may be influenced by environment, genetic make-up, and interaction among others. Though homosexuality is always criticized, homosexuals should couple should be considered just like any other couple and have the right to adopt children. At this time people should change and know that homosexual parents can take care of the children they adopt just like any other parent (John, 2007).

Although raising of a child can be done well by either two men or just women and end up raising a happy and a healthy child but however, they should keep in mind that this child needs gender balance in his/her for the sole purpose of giving them a more well-rounded social education. This should be considered due to the fact of parents been role model to their children. Though there exists different schools of thought about this issue, some believe homosexuality traits are in-born while others think people can pick this behavior through learning from the others (behavior)


The issue of adopting children is being considered as a right to be passed by some people saying that couples adopting children are people (normal couple) like any other who can bring up a child who is healthy and has parental care just like any other one ( Nation). On the other hand, different issue and fact of provoking child adoption is the main key. This is being shown by the fact of parents known to be the role model of children and if a child is brought up in an adopted way, he/she will likely end up having the parents’ behavior depending on level of interaction..

Why Homosexual Adoption should be Encouraged essay

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