The Works Progress Administration essay


The Works Progress Administration (WPA) was part of new deal agencies and largest activity player agency. WPA was created by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1935 under the emergency relief appropriation act of 1935. The chief concept behind the idea was to create employment in the area of arts and aesthetic work and of relief to donate proportion of wages earned through WAP projects into the relief and community construction activities. It was a revolutionary step which had covered the maximum audience.

Milton Avery is the one in the list of WPA artists, who had worked for himself, his family and for WPA project. His self made struggle made him unique among others.

Early Life:

He started his struggle of survival in the age of 16. He had worked for a long time blue-collar jobs in the factories. Even, a lot of hardships he faced in his life, he never give-up and continue to work for himself and family, because, he was the only sole remaining adult in his household. On the other hand, his art interest urges him to work at nighttime and attend the art classes in the daytime. He joined the Connecticut League of Art Students in Hartford to get the perfection of artistic knacks.

Achievements as artist:

Innovation and creation of in depth color relation made Avery’s work unique. He ever created his aesthetics on factual basis and never used illusions in his paintings. His poetic thought and actual craft made his work unusual.

In 1940s Roy Neuberger found Avery at Art Students League of New York. Neuberger then decide to promote Avery’s work and made it possible to get the world know about Avery’s artistic knacks. With the Neuberger’s promotional activities Avery became a respectable and successful painter in the world. Avery was also a part of The Works Progress Administration (WPA).


The idea of WPA had geared-up the overall economic activity. The aspect of relief instigated the strong community system in the United States. At the same time, the promotion of art and artists like Milton Avery had made it possible to get the ultimate aesthetics. It is right to say that WPA was for the artists, of the artists and by the artists.

The Works Progress Administration essay

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