The Hispanic population essay

The population of the city consists of different ethnic, international and religious groups. The population has increased. Most people in the city are Hispanic and Mexican. Other large groups are Indian and Pakistani groups. The Nigerian Community creates 2.0% of the city’s population. Around 400,000 illegal immigrants live the region of Houston. According 2006-2008 American Community Survey, 53.8% of Houston's population is White Americans.  Their 27.9% is non-Hispanic Whites. 24.1% the population is Africans Americans, and their 23.8% is non-Hispanic blacks. 5.3% of the population is Asian Americans, whose 0.2% non- Hispanic. 0.4% of the population is American Indians, whose 0.2% is non- Hispanic. In the same way, 41.9% of Houston's population is Hispanics or Latinos.

The Hispanic population has increased. This growing shows that Hispanic will be dominant ethnic group in Houston because of the largest ethnic population. In other words, Houston is becoming a Hispanic city. The ethnic group interacts with other ethnic groups in Houston. Hispanicization is a process for a person internalizes the culture of Hispanic society. The Hispanic tries to preserve their native language and culture in Houston. They live their culture in there more than other Hispanic societies, which are in other areas in United States. A result of the more Hispanic population in Houston, some Native Americans want to speak Spanish. The Hispanic groups usually speak Spanish at home. Most of them do not speak English very well. Theoretically, they might make and eat Latin food. They might listen to Spanish Language music. They might dress in Hispanic styles. However, mostly they cannot keep their culture good enough. English-speaking culture is more dominant than others in the United States. Most the immigrants have assimilated. In the one hand, nevertheless, the Hispanic population has many members; they have assimilated the last three generation.

In Houston, 50.5% of Hispanic population is male, and its 49.5% is female. The numbers of male and female are almost equal. Twenty seven % of the total population is under eighteen years, and 32.8% is median age. Nine% is 65 years and older. It seems that the number of old people is very low. This means, the grade of the Hispanic economic is not very good.  The average household size of the Hispanic is 2.7 people in Houston. Sixty one percent of the households are families. The population has 39% married-couple families and 22%other families. Thirty nine percent of all households are nonfamily households. Most of them live alone, and they do not keep touch other member of their family. Their 52% were born in Texas, and their 72% are native. However, Twenty eight percent of them were foreign born.

The level of the education of the people is not satisfied. Twenty-seven percent of them were dropouts, and some of them never go to a school. Just 28% of the Hispanic had a bachelor's degree or higher. However, the new generation of the Hispanic wants to have a good social and economic statue, and they know education is so important to have their wishes. During the last decades, some schools have opened for the people.  Many companies give new opportunities to them for getting a job or the companies can be a sponsor for their education. Some schools prices have a discount for them.

The music a society reflects the culture of the society, and the melody says us many things about the culture such as history, ritual. The Hispanic usually like these kinds of music: pop, country music, rock, jazz, R&B, and traditional Mexican music such as Mariachi. Latin hip-hop, meringue, Latin pop, rock Espariol, salsa, and reggaeton styles are very common to hear in the community.

The Hispanic regards to religions. Christianity is a very common religion in this society, and most of the people are Christian. Number of Catholic is more than number of Protestant. There are also Hispanic Jews. Some of the Hispanic does not believe any god. This means, they are atheist.

Briefly, the economy and the population of Houston are growing, and the city is very attractive for immigrations. Also, major population in Houston is Hispanic population, and the city is third largest Hispanic city in United States. The Hispanic has a big population in there. The people interact with other societies in Houston. The community influences the others. The Hispanic can blend into civic life very fast in Houston. Completely, they cannot keep their culture, but they try to preserve it in harmony.

The Hispanic population essay

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